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Holiday Trends

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Jan 2015

Here at sunshine, we can now reveal the most commonly used hashtags by holidaymakers when posting images from their vacation on social media channels...

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Good News! Fewer Holidays Now Result in Debt

Posted by Sue Anderson, 8th Jan 2015

Sometimes, to be able to go on holiday, we have to rely on credit cards, overdrafts or loans and borrowing money becomes the norm...

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'Relaxation element' most enjoyable aspect of holidays

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Dec 2014

The Costa del Sol, specifically Puerto Banus, was revealed as the most enjoyable holiday destination within Spain in terms of rating; and with the resort offering holidaymakers the chance to rub shou

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Does This Holiday View Look Familiar?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Dec 2014

Sand in your smartphone case? Pool water on your tablet? Any of this sounding familiar? If so, it's probably because you're using your gadgets far too much during your holiday time.

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Britons Say Their Happiest Memory was during a Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 9th Dec 2014

Our latest poll looked into the holiday memories of Britons and how they factor compared to other memories...

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Some of Us Could Get a Holiday in Our Christmas Stockings

Posted by Sue Anderson, 2nd Dec 2014

Most of us get the usual socks, chocolates and dodgy jumpers in our Christmas stockings when the morning comes, but our latest poll has shown that some of us could expect something a bit more exciting

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The Bizarre Lengths We'd Go to for a Cheaper Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Nov 2014

What would you be willing to do to for a free round-the-world trip or a heavily discounted holiday? Run through the streets naked? Not talk for an entire year?

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Men Vs Women. Who Has The Final Say On The Destination?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Nov 2014

When it comes to relationships, we wanted to find out who has the final say about where the holiday will be spent...

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Are Winter Holidays Better Than Summer Breaks?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th Nov 2014

Our latest research has revealed that winter holidays may be just as tempting for some of us as summer holidays abroad...

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Who Said Boozy Beach Holidays Were Just for 18-30s?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 4th Nov 2014

According to our latest research its not just the 18-30's who enjoy a binge drinking, nocturnal existence during their holiday...

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