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Do you let your child drink under-age on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Aug 2013

Some UK parents have a lot to answer for when it comes to their holiday antics. Our latest poll looked into how many parents let their children drink alcohol abroad...

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Many Ignore FO Advice about Unsafe Destinations

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Jul 2013

When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues travel advice and warnings, it's best to pay attention and base your holiday decisions around whatever it is they're saying.

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Are you guilty of these 'worst holiday fashion trends'?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Jul 2013

Have you ever stepped onto the beach on holiday with your socks neatly folded over above your sandals, thinking 'I look really, really cool'?

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Post Holiday Blues Take One Month to Fizzle Out

Posted by Sue Anderson, 9th Jul 2013

Have you ever suffered from the post-holiday blues?

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Do you even feel you're missing out when on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Jul 2013

Our latest research has looked into whether or not young adult holidaymakers ever wish they were at home when they were actually on holiday and what the reasons behind that might be...

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Where would you go if you won the lottery?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Jun 2013

If you were to win the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd do when you claimed your winnings? Would it be buying a holiday, a house, a car or something else?

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Half of Holidaymakers Keep Up With TV When Abroad

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Jun 2013

According to our study, it seems that half of us can't resist attempting to keep up on the latest programme developments when we're abroad, as 46% confessed to doing so...

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One in three of us lose things whilst on holiday!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th Jun 2013

How many of us are less careful with our belongings when away than we would be at home?

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Holidaying - Eurovision Style!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 31st May 2013

When Attenborough's Africa was aired on the BBC, we saw increased searches on our site for African holidays, so we thought there might have been a similar pattern after the Eurovision Song Contest...

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Holiday Romance - 1 in 10 Couples Meet on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th May 2013

If you're looking to spark up a holiday romance any time soon, listen up and take note, as we may well have found out the best places to go!

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