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Do you read your favourite daily newspaper on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Nov 2013

We wanted to find out if holidaymakers from around the UK found it easy to switch off whilst abroad, or if they couldn't resist having a bit of a nose at the news back home...

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Have you left Europe for a holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 29th Oct 2013

Have you ever been on holiday to a country outside of Europe?

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Are you guilty of being a tag-along tourist?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 15th Oct 2013

Have you ever made friends with another family whilst on holiday abroad and then, no matter how hard you tried to, not been able to avoid or get rid of them?

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Are you an airline snob?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 8th Oct 2013

Our latest poll asked recent travellers why they picked the airlines they used...

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How to Avoid Pick-Pocketing on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 4th Oct 2013

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to be pick-pocketed whilst on a holiday abroad?

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Is the traditional family holiday a thing of the past?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Sep 2013

Our latest poll revealed that 1 in 4 children under the age of 10 had never been on a family holiday abroad or in the UK...

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Is body confidence affecting holiday choices?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 17th Sep 2013

For some the idea of going on holiday sparks mild panic attacks at the thought of wearing swimwear on the beach...

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Do you get your holiday spending money amount right?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th Sep 2013

Our latest poll found out how common it was for people to over or under estimate the amount of holiday money they would need...

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What are your priorities when on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Sep 2013

We all have different priorities when it comes to going away and we wanted to find out more about people's priorities when on holiday...

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Sun cream? Check! Swimwear? Check! Pasta? Uh...

Posted by Sue Anderson, 27th Aug 2013

When you're packing your suitcase to take on holiday, it's easy to remember all the essentials. However, do you every think about packing food to take on holiday?

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