Some of Us Could Get a Holiday in Our Christmas Stockings

Posted by Sue Anderson, 2nd Dec 2014

Most of us get the usual socks, chocolates and dodgy jumpers in our Christmas stockings when the morning comes, but our latest poll has shown that some of us could expect something a bit more exciting this year.

We polled 2,178 people aged 18 and over from around the UK (all of whom were in relationships and celebrated Christmas) to find out what would be getting left under Christmas trees this year and if holidays ever featured high on the list of gift priorities.

7% of women and 11% of men won't get their partners Christmas gifts

When we asked, 'What do you plan to give to your partner this year as a Christmas present?' and told the people taking part to select more than one answer if they were planning to get more than one gift, only 7% of women and 11% of men said 'nothing at all'. That still seems quite a lot to here! Imagine waking up with nothing to open from your other half!

We asked these people why they were doing the whole gift thing, to which the majority of women (42%) said they couldn't afford to buy anything, whilst 31% of the men told us that they 'didn't know where to start'.

Surprise trip away top gift men plan to buy their partners

The top gifts that men stated they would buy for their partners this Christmas were as follows:

1. Surprise trip away - 22%

2. Jewellery - 20%

3. Shoes/boots - 18%

4. Clothes - 16%

5. Handbag - 14%

Women most likely to buy their partners clothing

The top gifts that women stated they would buy for their partners this Christmas were as follows:

1. Clothing - 55%

2. Gadgets (e.g. tablet, camera, phone) - 27%

3. Experience day - 21%

4. Tickets (sports, concert etc.) - 17%

5. DVD/CDs - 15%

The female respondents told us they'd get their partner an average of '6' gifts, whilst men said they'd get their partner an average of '3' gifts. However, the female respondents said they'd spend an average of £270.00 on their partner, whilst men planned to spend an average of £140.00 on their partner for Christmas.

A surprise trip away makes for a great gift, but a lot of planning often has to go into it. For example, contacting your partner's place of work if you're planning to take them away during work time and packing their case for them if you aren't telling them until the last minute! It seems that a lot of women will be surprised with this kind of gift this Christmas, if our results are anything to go by. What a lovely thought.
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