Health and safety whilst on holiday: Your accommodation

Health and safety whilst on holiday: Your accommodation

The wait is finally over and you’ve safely arrived at your chosen accommodation – it is now time to relax and get settled in. You’re ready to explore and begin your holiday, but make sure you take note of these tips on health and safety from the moment you check in to when you leave.

Things to keep in mind to ensure you rest easy

- Always follow the advice around health and safety as provided by your hotel. They will have rules in place to ensure your safety is their number one priority.
- If you spot any hazards like spillages, hazards or broken equipment, then make sure you report them to reception as soon as you can.
- If your accommodation provides one then store your valuables, passport, cash, travel documentation or jewellery in the safety deposit boxes provided in your room.
- Be careful in bright sunlight as it can be hard to tell whether balcony or patio doors are open or closed.
- Always ensure that your children are supervised. Take extra care of locking up the balcony and keep any furniture away from the edge of the railings.
- Be extra careful around the balcony in your room. Never lean, sit or climb on the balcony railings, don’t pass things between them or try and climb from one balcony to another. Never jump from the balcony into a swimming pool.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire:

- Never stop to grab any personal belongings and ensure that you get yourself and your family out of the building immediately.
- Shut all the doors behind you as you leave.
- If you are near an alarm then press it on your way out of the building to alert everyone else.
- If you are unable to leave your room, ensure you close all the doors and put wet towels and clothes around the seals of the doors. Telephone reception and the emergency services and shout for extra help out of the window.

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