Water safety by the pool and beach

Health and safety whilst on holiday: Water safety by the pool and beach

We all love cooling off in the pool or the sea, but it’s vital to ensure you’re safe around the water whilst on holiday. Whether you’re an experienced strong swimmer or lack in confidence around the water, you should always take extra care and be wary of the rules put in place to protect you and the others around you. Read on to find out more to keep you safe around the water:

Always staying safe in the water

- Only swim in designated areas that are permitted on the beach – these will usually be cornered off with buoys for you to stay within.
- Only swim within the limits of your strength and capability. Never swim in water that is too deep for you. It is important to note that most accommodation does not have a lifeguard in the pool area.
- Read the safety notices and advice around the pool or beach area before you swim and adhere to them at all times.
- When you arrive at the beach, check where you would need to go for help if you are faced with an emergency. This would be the emergency services, lifeguard or coastguard.
- Never leave children unsupervised around water. Make sure they have suitable arm-bands and appropriate swimwear to protect them in the water.
- If you have been drinking alcohol then do not swim and watch out for swimming immediately after you’ve eaten.
- Never swim at night.
- Always check the depth of the pool and know which end is the deep end and shallow end before you dive in. Check the water is free from hazards before you jump into the sea – there could be hidden items out of your vision underneath such as branches or rocks. Be wary that debris can move and somewhere that was safe to jump the day before, may no longer be safe.

Safety by the pool

- Never swim in the pool when it is closed. Always adhere to the official opening times – they’re in place to help keep you safe.
- Always check which end is the deep end and shallow end before you get into the pool.
- Never dive into water less than 1.5m deep. Do not jump from any furniture on the side of the pool or raised areas around the pool area.
- Never run around the pool area.
- Do not change nappies in the poolside area and report any spillages to the hotel staff as soon as possible.
- Do not enter the pool if you have an upset stomach and wait 48 hours after suffering one before you renter the pool again.

Safety at the beach

- When you arrive at the beach ensure you check the warning flag each day – this will change regularly depending on the conditions.
- Watch out for dangerous currents and ensure you understand how rips work to avoid them in a more choppy sea.
- Make sure you keep an eye out for hazards hidden under the water such as reefs, rocks, change in the depth or marine life.
- Always swim with someone else with you and never on your own.
- Only swim within the buoys of designated areas. Ensure you avoid any places jet skis or speedboats zones.
- Do not jump from any piers or dive off rocks, coral or breakwaters and keep away from them when swimming.

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