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Does TOWIE Make You Want To Holiday in Marbella?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Jan 2014

With our latest poll we wanted to find out what it was that inspired people's holiday choices the most...

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How well do you know your holiday resort before arriving?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 14th Jan 2014

Do you research your holiday destination before booking?

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Most Wanted Holiday Destinations for 2014 Revealed

Posted by Sue Anderson, 7th Jan 2014

Where do you want to visit on holiday this year? Somewhere you've never been before or a destination that is an old family favourite?

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Are you a boring holidaymaker?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Dec 2013

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, however, there's being chilled out and then there's being downright boring...

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Christmas Day at Home? No Thanks!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th Dec 2013

One in four of us would prefer to be away on holiday for Christmas Day this year!

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The Great Mobile Phone Debate - To Pack, Or Not To Pack?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Dec 2013

Many people struggle with the idea of being more than a metre away from their mobile phone at any given time. So, should we take mobile phones on holidays?

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What is Your Most Embarrassing Holiday Moment?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 21st Nov 2013

As lovely as holidays are, the occasional scenario can pop up whilst we're abroad that leaves us as red in the face as a hot tomato.

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Do you ditch your belongings on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Nov 2013

We asked holidaymakers about the purchases they've made abroad in the past, and how this has affected their return packing.

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Who do you trust more, male or female pilots?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 12th Nov 2013

Since carrying out research a few years ago which revealed passengers to be least at ease with a pilot who had a Birmingham accent, we wanted to find out if the gender of the pilot ever influenced how

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Do you read your favourite daily newspaper on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Nov 2013

We wanted to find out if holidaymakers from around the UK found it easy to switch off whilst abroad, or if they couldn't resist having a bit of a nose at the news back home...

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