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How Do Your Stress Levels Compare to Others in Your Region?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th Dec 2016

We all know that holidays can be a great stress-buster, but we wanted to find out more about how much they really can help; as well as where in the UK the most and least stressed people lived...

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In-Flight Spending Soon Adds Up

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Dec 2016

Our latest research has revealed that the average per person spend during their flight to or from their holiday destination is fairly high!

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Brexit and Money Saving Puts People Off Christmas Day Holidays

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Dec 2016

Spending Christmas Day on holiday abroad isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for some it's the perfect way to celebrate the festivities...

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That Winter Holiday Wardrobe Might Be Pricier Than You Think!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 29th Nov 2016

Those of you who have been away or are planning on a holiday to somewhere with a colder climate, may have noticed that getting your holiday wardrobe together for the trip cost a fair bit of money...

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Britons Believe Trump Will Stop Them Holidaying In America

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Nov 2016

No matter what part of the world you live in, the big news for quite some time now has been the US Presidency and who was going to win in...

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Stealing, Cheating and Vandalism - What Britons Get Up To In Hotels

Posted by Sue Anderson, 15th Nov 2016

Most people associate hotel stays with a relaxing break, holiday or business trip, but our latest research has shown us that there's a lot more that goes on behind closed doors...

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An Extra Week Off For October Half Term Hits Parents Financially

Posted by Sue Anderson, 9th Nov 2016

This year, for the first time, some schools extended the October Half Term holiday by an extra week, meaning parents had to arrange various means of childcare or keeping the little ones entertained...

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Would You Support an Airport Alcohol Ban?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Nov 2016

Whether it's a stiff drink to calm your nerves before a flight, or a few glasses of wine or pints to get into the holiday spirit, plenty of people indulge in a few alcoholic beverages at the airport.

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Olly Murs and Adele Top List of Hardest Working Celebrities

Posted by Sue Anderson, 27th Oct 2016

Whilst their lives may look glamorous and fun, there’s no doubt that the life of a celebrity is hard work. At least us normal folk can leave the house with our hair a mess, without anyone judging us.

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Which Fictional Places Would You Most Like To Visit?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Oct 2016

With a lot of our free time spent indulging in TV series or the latest film releases, it's understandable that we'll sometimes wish we could be transported to the very places we're watching...

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