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How much do you spend on your holiday wardrobe?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th May 2013

Our latest poll asked women whom had been abroad in the last year, what new items they'd packed and how much they spent...

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Would you pay more for child-free flights?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th May 2013

The chances are you've heard the odd screaming baby during your holiday flight but would you pay more for a child free flight?

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Two Thirds of Britons Shun Holidays with No Beach

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd May 2013

If you picture a holiday, you probably conjure up images of sun, sea and sand. For some, being near the beach is what a holiday is all about...

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How much sleep do YOU get on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 29th Apr 2013

We believe a good holiday needs a healthy mix of rest and play, so for our latest poll we asked all about sleeping habits...

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The Holidays That Never Were

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Apr 2013

Have you ever planned a holiday that didn't quite make it to the booking stage?

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Majority Would Support 'Pay as you Weigh' Flight Tickets

Posted by Sue Anderson, 15th Apr 2013

You might have seen in the news recently that the Pacific national airline Samoa Air is to charge fares based on how heavy or light a passenger was, and where one leads others are sure to follow...

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Fifth of Women Use Sunbeds for Base Tan Before Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 5th Apr 2013

Booking a holiday can mean a number of things, but one thing is for sure and that is that most ladies want to wax, workout, tan and tone their way to looking great before their trip...

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Quarter of Holidaymakers Actively Exercise During Trip

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Apr 2013

Our latest poll asked if holidaymakers tended to work out whilst on their break...

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Half of Professionals Check Emails 'Every Day' on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Mar 2013

We wanted to find out a bit more about how hard some people find it to properly switch off whilst abroad on holiday...

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Snap Happy Holidaymakers Come Home with 300+ Photos

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Mar 2013

In our recent poll we wanted to find out just how many holiday photos Britons tend to return home with after a trip abroad...

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