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How long does it take to save for holiday spending money?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th Mar 2013

In our latest poll, we wanted to find out how long it tends to take people to save up for their holiday spending money...

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Two Fifths of New Parents Went on 'Babymoon' Before Birth

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Mar 2013

Our latest poll asked new parents about any trips they'd taken in the run up to the birth of their baby, to see if this 'babymoon' trend really was the next big thing...

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'Not Travelling Enough' Top Regret for Over 50s

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Feb 2013

Our latest survey has revealed that out of all the things that those over the age of 50 regret, 'not travelling enough' is top of the poll...

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Weekend Break Abroad Tops List of Desired Valentine's Gifts

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Feb 2013

It appears that the traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates were no longer desirable gifts for women to receive from their partners on this Valentine's Day...

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Holidaymakers Bump into Familiar Face on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Feb 2013

The expression 'it's a small world' couldn't be more fitting, it seems, as we've found that a quarter of holidaymakers claims to have bumped into someone they knew on a previous holiday abroad.

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BBC's 'Africa' Prompts Rise in African Holiday Searches

Posted by Sue Anderson, 4th Feb 2013

With Sir David Attenborough's 'Africa' in full swing on BBC One, we noticed a spike on site with searches and bookings for holidays in Africa.

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'Copycat' Holidaymakers

Posted by Sue Anderson, 30th Jan 2013

Our latest survey showed that many people base their choice of holiday destination from a friends recommendation...

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Sporting Events Top Reason Affecting Holiday Booking Dates

Posted by Sue Anderson, 21st Jan 2013

Our latest research has found what events you plan your holidays around to ensure you aren't away abroad when those events happen...

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Fifth of Holidays Booked in the Workplace

Posted by Sue Anderson, 14th Jan 2013

It would appear that many employees around the UK use their working hours for tasks other than what they were intended for...

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Southerners Drink More on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 8th Jan 2013

Despite stereotypical beliefs, it would appear that those living in the south of the UK spend more of their holidays abroad drunk than their northern counterparts...

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