Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Holidays are all about fun in the sun, but sometimes things can crop up that mean we need some extra assistance. From cancelled flights to sprained ankles, Travel Insurance is a recommended part of your holiday booking, as it means you’re protected if something were to go wrong. Travelling without it could result in additional costs that you hadn’t planned for. Check out our tips on travel insurance below

We would always recommend that you consider travel insurance ahead of your trip

Travel insurance is there to assist you if something goes wrong with your holiday. Whether it’s potential medical bills, lost items or missed flights – depending on the policy, you can receive cover for lots of aspects of your getaway. We would always recommend that you consider travel insurance as it can provide peace of mind that you’re covered if an emergency did arise.

Choose the right policy for you

It’s best to do your research before buying your insurance so that you get the policy that is right for you. We would recommend you find one that covers all aspects of what you are planning for your holiday, from before you go to the moment you return. This should take into account any excursions or activities you may have planned whilst you’re abroad. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you’ll need to tell the insurance company ahead of your trip. Depending on the policy you take out, this may be excluded from your policy, so ensure that you read the fine print and consider a policy that is tailored completely to your needs.

It’s recommended that you purchase your travel insurance as soon as you book

The recommended best time to buy your insurance is as soon as you’ve booked your holiday, as it not only protects you when you’re away but also can help if your outbound flight is cancelled – dependant on your policy.

Make sure to take your travel insurance documents away with you

Download your policy to your phone and print out the documents to bring with you, so that you have all of your policy details, should you need to use them. If you need to use your travel insurance when you’re away, this means that you’ll know what cover you have and who to contact in an emergency, should one arise.

What does an EHIC cover you for?

Your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) covers you for basic medical care and only does so in a select number of countries. This means that you may not be covered in the destination you’re travelling to and you won’t be covered for all emergencies. If you do have an accident abroad in one of the EHIC eligible countries, then your travel insurance policy would work as back up should your injuries only be partially covered by your EHIC. It is worth reading up about what treatment your EHIC will cover you for, as well as the countries that you are covered in here:

You’re now covered for Covid
Did you know that Sunshine Travel Insurance now covers you for Covid-19 Medical, Cancellation and Curtailment costs? This means you can now book with added peace of mind and reassurance that you're covered should Covid-19 affect your holiday.

What level of cover does Sunshine Travel Insurance cover?
- Up to £10,000,000pp emergency medical cover
- Up to £1,500pp baggage and belongings cover
- Up to £2,000pp cancellation cover
- Up to £2,000 for additional accommodation and travel expenses if trips need to be extended following treatment for Coronavirus.

For more information and complete terms and conditions see our dedicated insurance FAQs page dedicated FAQs page for a complete breakdown of coverage.

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