Health and safety whilst on holiday - Food and drink

Health and safety whilst on holiday: Food and drink

One of the best things about being on holiday is being able to sample and enjoy the local cuisine. Food and drink safety is something to be aware of no matter where you are and how adventurous you are with your palate. Read on to get some great tips and advice to ensure the only thing you need to think about it what time dinner is being served:

Food safety

- If you have any food allergies and intolerances always ensure you ask what the food has been cooking in and if it has an ingredient that may cause you harm.
- It is often useful to learn how to communicate the allergy or intolerance you have in the local language just to be sure.
- Watch out for any food that may be uncooked and check it when it arrives before you eat. Ensure it is still hot when it’s served to you and cooked all the way through.
- If your accommodation has a self-catering kitchenette then be a careful using the facilities, handling hot plates and ensuring you do not leave any hobs switched on.

Drink safety

- Stick to drinking bottled water whenever you can and try to avoid ice in your drinks when possible.
- Always ensure you drink enough water throughout the day and stay hydrated.
- Moderate the consumption of alcohol and be sure to drink water in between rounds. Bear in mind that measures abroad can be a lot stronger than the ones you get back in the UK and avoid drinking too fast or binge drinking.

Sickness from food or drink

- If you do fall ill on holiday ensure that you seek medical assistance immediately to help. If you’re unsure of what to do then please feel free to get in contact with us or the reception of your hotel for further assistance.

Fraudulent insurance claims of sickness whilst on holiday

It has been reported that a small number of individuals have been making false insurance claims about being sick on holiday to claim compensation. Insurance fraud is a very serious crime and has more serious consequences. We take every claim made to seriously, so it’s important to be honest when telling us about any issues you may have. That way we can ensure that you’ll get the right help and support you need.

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