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Fifth of Over 30s Have Never Swam in the Sea

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Dec 2012

Our latest poll results revealed that a fifth of over 30s claimed never to have swam in the sea and a tenth have never walked along the beach...

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Majority of Women Fill Own Suitcase and Third of Partner's

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Dec 2012

Ladies, our latest survey has revealed that a 15kg or 20kg luggage allowance just isn't enough for some of you when you're off on your travels...

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Holidaymakers Fritter Away 150 Pounds Spending Money

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Dec 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that most of you spend all the money you take away with you, with many frittering some away, just to get rid!

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Young Couples Holiday Together After Just 4 Months

Posted by Sue Anderson, 27th Nov 2012

Our latest survey has revealed that young couples are keen to get away together, as the average young couple goes on holiday together after just 4 months of being in a relationship...

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Increase in Requests for Seats at Back of the Plane

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Nov 2012

As a result of a recent Channel 4 documentary showing an experimental plane crash, we've seen an increase in enquires from customers looking to ensure they sit towards the back of the plane...

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'Noisy Children' Voted Most Annoying In-flight Issue

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Nov 2012

Everyone has little things that annoy them when they travel abroad by plane, so we thought we'd have a look into what annoys you the most...

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Over-Cautious Holidaymakers Check Passport 10 Times

Posted by Sue Anderson, 7th Nov 2012

We discovered that the average holidaymaker is so cautious they start their packing one week early and check for their passport and travel documents 10 or more times before they leave...

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Quarter of Parents Wish They Could Leave the Kids at Home

Posted by Sue Anderson, 30th Oct 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that a quarter of parents wish they could leave their kids at home whilst they holidayed abroad...

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Many Holidaymakers Have 'No Interest' in Making Friends

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Oct 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that you tend to be an antisocial bunch when abroad, as the majority of British holidaymakers have no interest in making friends whilst away...

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Eiffel Tower 'Most Recognised' Landmark

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Oct 2012

Despite the UK being home to a number of world-famous landmarks and recognisable buildings, it would appear that many Britons are more knowledgeable when it comes to landmarks overseas...

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