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The Facebook Faux Pas That Leads To 'Unfriending' or Being Hidden From Newsfeeds

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd May 2017

If you have and use Facebook, you may well have hidden someone from your newsfeed or unfriended them in the past for certain behaviour that, for whatever reason, got right on your nerves!

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21% of Britons Admit to Starving Themselves Before a Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th May 2017

Having a holiday planned is very exciting, but some people start stressing over what they’ll look like in their swimwear months before their due to fly out to sunnier clime...

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Top Ten Most Embarrassing Holiday Moments Revealed

Posted by Sue Anderson, 9th May 2017

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to have something truly embarrassing happen to you whilst on holiday, you'll know only too well how it can leave you feeling red-faced for a long while afterward

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‘Financial Security’ & ‘Desire To Travel’ in Top 5 Traits Female Millennials Look For in Men

Posted by Sue Anderson, 2nd May 2017

When looking for a potential partner, there are certain things that people look for; such as that instant spark, things in common and someone who can make them laugh...

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Have You Argued With a Fellow Passenger Mid-Flight?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Apr 2017

It’s not unusual for people to feel a bit apprehensive ahead of a flight, but how about worries about falling out with a fellow passenger and then being stuck with them in a confined space?

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Our Latest Research Reveals Nudist Capital of the UK

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Apr 2017

Sunbathing topless or visiting a nudist beach on holiday may not be for you; but some can think of no better way to pass the time during their break...

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Britons Miss Their Pets Most When They Go Abroad

Posted by Rebecca Gill, 11th Apr 2017

Have you ever said goodbye to your cat/dog when you’ve left the house, but completely forgot to say goodbye to your partner?

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Britons’ Bad Holiday Habits Revealed!

Posted by Rebecca Gill, 4th Apr 2017

Sometimes Britons get bad press for their antics whilst holidaying abroad, so we thought we’d run a survey to see how Britons would rate their behaviour, out of 10...

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Our Latest Research Reveals Rise of the ‘Friendlymoon’

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Mar 2017

When most people think about a honeymoon, they imagine the happy newlyweds strolling along on a deserted beach together with only each other for company...

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24% of Holidaymakers Are Hungover EVERY DAY on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Mar 2017

For a lot of people, alcohol automatically springs to mind when they think about their holidays… and why not?! If you can’t kick back with a drink or two on holiday, when can you?

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