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Top 10 Holiday Songs

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Aug 2014

Here at sunshine, we can now reveal the ultimate holiday playlist, after Britons voted the songs that most put them in the holiday mood or remind them of a trip abroad...

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Bumping Into Celebrities on Holiday is More Common Than You Think!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 12th Aug 2014

Celebrities need their holidays too and they get plenty more of them than we do, so it's probable that you could bump into one or two members of the rich and famous on your own trip abroad...

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Are You Guilty of Excessive Tech & Gadget Usage on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 5th Aug 2014

Our latest poll looked into what form of technology holidaymakers were taking away with them...

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Don't Let Your Child Become Sunburnt on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jul 2014

Parents in particular need to be extra cautious when it comes to ensuring they use high SPF sun cream on their youngsters when travelling to sunnier climes...

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Average Child's Holiday Suitcase Contains Over 400 Pounds Worth of Belongings

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jul 2014

According to our latest poll of 1,288 parents from around the UK, it's not just adult holidaymakers that risk exceeding the luggage allowance at the airport...

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Happiest Point of Holiday Abroad is at 7:30pm on Day 3

Posted by Sue Anderson, 15th Jul 2014

When we asked 'If you could pinpoint the moment when you felt happiest on your last holiday abroad, to the nearest day and time?' the average answer was three days into the break at 7:30pm...

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Don't Put Yourself at Risk of Theft on Holiday

Posted by Rebecca Gill, 8th Jul 2014

Keeping your personal belongings safe on holiday is not always easy, someone always has to stay behind while you go for that quick dip in the pool or brief swim in the sea...

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When Does Your Passport Expire? Check Today!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Jul 2014

With the backlog of passport applications affecting the holiday plans of many Britons, we wanted to find out how many people actually knew when their passport was due to expire...

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Can Holidays Heal a Broken Heart?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jun 2014

With our latest poll we wanted to find out if people ever decide to book a holiday shortly after a breakup, either to get some space or go on the hunt for a new love interest...

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How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Gifts for Those Back Home?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 17th Jun 2014

I'm sure grandma would love that fridge magnet and your mum and dad would really like those Canary Island tea towels, but PUT THE SOUVENIRS DOWN! This kind of holiday behaviour, although generous, can

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