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What's Your Idea of the Dream Beach Body?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Mar 2015

We wanted to know what people's idea of a dream body was, based on the members of the rich and famous they most wished they looked like...

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Holidays on Hold for Newborns

Posted by Sue Anderson, 17th Mar 2015

Having a baby is an exciting time, but also a very hectic one. So, it's understandable if holidays take a bit of a backseat when a little one makes an appearance.

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Pre-Holiday Fears

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th Mar 2015

The thought of a holiday not going as well as expected is causing over half of us Britons to have genuine fears for when we go away...

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When Holidays Are Worth Crying Over...

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Mar 2015

With our latest poll we wanted to find out about holiday experiences and the emotions experienced on a break abroad...

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Know Your Currency Before You Head Abroad

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Feb 2015

You've booked your holiday, packed your case and are heading to the airport, now don't forget to check that the currency you're taking with you is the correct coinage for the destination...

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Annoying Post-Holiday Conversations

Posted by Sue Anderson, 17th Feb 2015

Nobody ever really looks forward to going home when they've had a fantastic holiday, and a feeling of extreme sadness on your first day back to reality after a sunny trip abroad is entirely normal...

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How Often Do You Feel Like You Need to Get Away?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th Feb 2015

There are plenty of stressful situations in life that can make us feel like hopping on the next plane to a sunny beach resort somewhere. How often do you get the feeling that you need a holiday?

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The Impact of Holidays on Relationships: Revealed

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Feb 2015

If you're in a relationship and the idea of a holiday springs to mind, is it for a romantic break, or are you more of the girls'/lads' holiday type?

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Worst Holiday Companions Revealed in Poll

Posted by Sue Anderson, 27th Jan 2015

Who would you least like to go away on holiday with, if you had to name somebody? Who do you think would make your trip away more 'hard work' than 'holiday'?

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Most Popular Holiday Types of 2015 Revealed

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th Jan 2015

We wanted to find out what the most popular holiday type of 2015 will be, so we did what we do best and we asked people!

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