Health and safety whilst on holiday: Your Personal Safety

Health and safety whilst on holiday: Your Personal Safety

We all like to relax whilst we’re on holiday, but we can often let our guard down and be less-vigilant about things we would normally take extra precaution over whilst at home. At, we want to promote good personal safety as we believe that being safe on holiday is just as important as having fun and relaxing. It is impossible to foresee every unexpected thing around the corner, however, being wary of the things to watch out for will certainly help you should something happen. Read our tips on how to look after yourself and the others around you whilst you’re away from home.

Whilst you’re exploring

- Make sure all your valuables are kept safe and ideally zipped shut in a safe bag that is with you at all times. Watch out for keeping any personal items such as wallets or mobile phones in the back pockets of your jeans or trousers as this makes it very easy for pickpockets get your valuables.
- Try to avoid wearing expensive-looking jewellery and only carry around the money that you need.
- Try to ensure you don’t walk home alone or take a taxi home if you are heading home alone. When with friends or family, ensure that you stick to well-lit areas and pathways only.
- Only use licensed taxis to get home, and if possible share one home with someone you know.
- Make sure you look out for one another and keep in contact with your friends if you’re on a group break.
- Be careful not to tell people you do not know where you are staying and avoid going anywhere with a person that you’ve only just met. Avoid letting strangers stay in your hotel, villa or apartment in return.
- When you enter a busy bar or club, we sure to check where the emergency fire exits are located so you know where to go should an emergency take place. Be sure to follow the emergency instructions in those instances.
- If you are faced with a situation that you feel threatened, or someone is making you feel uncomfortable then make sure to bring attention to you by shouting. This way the people around you will know to help if you require assistance.
- In the unfortunate and unlikely event that you become victim to a crime, report this to the local police immediately. Ensure you know how to call the police in the country that you are staying. It is also worth notifying your travel provider as soon as possible too.
- When booking a day trip or an excursion, ensure that you only book them through reputable providers that are fully licensed to do what they say they’re going to do. 

Alcohol and drugs use

- Never leave your drink unattended and if you accidentally do, buy a fresh one. Do not accept drinks from strangers within bars or clubs.
- Make sure you keep yourself hydrated whilst out and drink plenty of water in between.
- Do not take recreational drugs, as they are incredibly dangerous and highly likely to be illegal in the country you’re in.
- It is important to note that the risk of injury or accident is increased significantly when you consume alcohol or use drugs. This can invalidate your travel insurance should anything happen if you are under the influence of any of these things.

Incidents that challenge security

In the unlikely event of an incident that challenges security, follow these three steps to stay safe:

Run – Get yourself to a safe place as quickly as you possibly can.

Hide – If you need to hide then stay hidden for as long as you can until it is safe. Set your phone to silent and remove the vibrate function if you can. Barricade yourself into the place you are hiding if possible.

Call – the police or emergency services as soon as you possibly can and it is safe to do so.

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