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Average Briton Spends Over 24 Hours Researching Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Sep 2012

It would appear that many of you put a lot of thought into your holidays, our latest research has found UK holidaymakers spend 24 hours trawling the internet to research and look for holidays...

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Most Britons on Holiday Abroad on August 23rd 2012

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Aug 2012

Here at, we recently got to thinking; what date this year will the highest number of Britons be out of the country and enjoying a holiday abroad?

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Luggage - The Lowdown

Posted by Chris Clarkson, 16th Aug 2012

We wanted to look more at what is in people's holiday suitcases. What's making them so heavy and, more importantly, how much are the entire contents worth?

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'Water Park' most popular holiday excursion

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Aug 2012

Our latest study has revealed that water parks are the most popular type of excursion for families on holiday abroad...

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Floridays Resort Orlando regains its No1 spot on TripAdvisor

Posted by Chris Clarkson, 10th Dec 2012

After being bumped from the top spot for just a week the Floridays Resort Orlando has returned to the poll position of number 1 on TripAdvisor's user-generated rankings...

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E-Readers Overtake Traditional Books on Holidays

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Aug 2012

When it comes to kicking back, relaxing and reading; that's right people, it's the e-reader vs. traditional book debate. Which is best?

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Know Before You Go - Road Safety Campaign

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Aug 2012

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Road Safety Campaign is to make British drivers aware of a variety of scams aimed at tourists driving abroad…

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Majority of Brits Too Scared to Ask for Holiday Upgrades

Posted by Sue Anderson, 31st Jul 2012

It would appear that many Britons could be missing out when going on holiday abroad by not asking for upgrades, the majority claiming to be too afraid to do so...

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Couples Find Holidays Together 'Boring'

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jul 2012

Despite couple's holidays being a popular choice for many, it would appear that they might be dying out as many of you are bored of your other halves...

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A reduction in price for British passports

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Jul 2012

A new reduced price for a British passport will be in operation from 3rd September 2012...

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