Are you a boring holidaymaker?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Dec 2013

We've said it a thousand times, but we'll say it again - holidays are supposed to be relaxing, at least to some extent anyway. However, there's being chilled out and then there's being downright boring.

If you return home from holiday and the only exciting story you have to tell friends, family and colleagues back in the UK is that you fell off your sun lounger whilst in a deep sleep, or that you ate 3 ice creams in one day, you're probably going to feel like you should have done more.

We polled 2,199 people aged 18 and over from around the UK and everyone we spoke to had been on holiday abroad in the past year.

Half of holidaymakers spend every day of break exactly the same

When we asked them, 'Do you have a daily routine on holiday when abroad that you tend to stick to each day?' 51% of those taking part admitted 'yes - I tend to do the same things every day'. When we asked why they didn't have some variety in how they spent their days on holiday, 66% said they preferred to stick to what they knew and liked.

Asked to what extent they followed the same routine every day on holiday, 27% of those who said that they did explained that they ate and/or drank in the same bars and/or restaurants daily, whilst 31% said that they tended to sunbath in the same spot each day. 66% said they got up and/or went to bed at the same time each day on holiday and 16% visited the same shops daily. Exciting stuff.

Most holidays revolve around food, sunbathing, the beach and pool

When we asked people to write down a typical day for them on holiday, in terms of activities split into time slots, the following holiday schedule was revealed as the most common:

Morning (8am-11am) - Breakfast/Sunbathe/Pool

Noon (12pm-1pm) - Lunch/Shop/Sunbathe/Pool

Afternoon (2pm-6pm) - Sunbathe/Pool/Beach

Evening (7pm-11pm) - Shower/Dinner/Drinks

Of those who said that their routine tended to be the same every day on holiday, just 4% were parents. However, the majority (61%) were people aged between 18 and 30. 42% of those that did the same thing daily on holiday said that their last trip was an all-inclusive holiday.

It's easy to get stuck in a routine on holiday, but it's no good returning home to the UK and feeling like you wasted your time during the break. Even if it's just once or twice on your holiday, try to book an activity or excursion that catches your eye, so that you can start creating some memories that aren't just sunbathing-orientated!
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