Do you read your favourite daily newspaper on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Nov 2013

These days, it's fairly easy to pick up your favourite national newspaper whilst on holiday abroad. Most resorts will have shops stocking at least some of the familiar papers like The Sun and Daily Mail.

We wanted to find out if holidaymakers from around the UK found it easy to switch off whilst abroad, or if they couldn't resist having a bit of a nose at the news back home. We polled 1,993 UK adults and asked them about their holiday habits. Everyone had been on holiday overseas in the last year.

Half of Britons read their favourite daily national newspaper on holiday

When we asked, 'Do you read your favourite daily national newspaper whilst on holiday abroad, or at least try to find the paper in a local store?' half of the people polled, 51%, said 'yes'. We were curious to know if they were more likely to seek out and buy their favourite national newspaper whilst on holiday abroad than they were when at home in the UK, and 36% of the people we spoke to told us they were.

When we asked why this was the case, 62% felt that it was harder to keep track of life back home when they were on holiday, suggesting that they had a bigger need to find and purchase a daily newspaper. 58% of the total respondents to the poll claimed to watch British news programmes whilst on holiday abroad to keep up with life back home. This isn't what holidays are all about!

Almost three quarters of holidaymakers access social media sites

71% said that they used social media websites to stay on top of what was happening back in the UK whilst they were on holiday and 19% said that they tended to put in a phone call to someone back home to find out what had been happening during their holiday absence. Honestly though, finding out whether or not the dog ate all his dinner can wait until you get home.

Anyone who said that they did make an effort to find out what was happening back home in the UK whilst they were on holiday abroad was asked why they felt the need to do so. 43% felt that it was important to stay 'in the loop' in order to not miss out on important gossip back home, whilst 25% wanted to feel like they didn’t have lots to catch up on once they returned home.

Well, what can we say? It's understandable that some people want to find out what's been happening in their absence whilst they are on holiday, but a trip abroad should sometimes be about forgetting what's going on back home. It's often your one and only chance each year to do so!
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