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What's new in Orlando for 2012?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th May 2012

Constantly updating and adding to their already fun-packed theme parks, here are some of the new features due to open in 2012...

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Fifth of Young Holidaymakers Return Home with Tattoo

Posted by Sue Anderson, 15th May 2012

It would appear that traditional souvenirs like sticks of rock are no longer enough for many people as a reminder of their holiday...

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British Holidaymakers Ignorant to Foreign Language

Posted by Sue Anderson, 5th Jul 2012

The average British holidaymaker knows '3' words or phrases in the foreign language of the last country visited...

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Women in Relationships More Likely to Ogle Others on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 31st Jul 2012

According to our research, it would appear that British men and women might have a lot to worry about when it comes to their partners eyeing up other members of the opposite sex on holiday...

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Britons Pay More Than £260m Annually in ATM Withdrawal Fees on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Apr 2012

Our latest poll has found that many people could be expecting a shock when they check their bank balance following a holiday...

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Average Briton Can Only Name 4 Capital Cities

Posted by Sue Anderson, 17th Apr 2012

We asked 1,318 adults to answer questions on capital cities, here's the results...

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Holidaymakers Suffer 'FOMO' from Work Whilst Away

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Mar 2012

Despite the fact that many people long for their holidays, the phenomenon of the 'Fear of Missing Out' may now be affecting holidaymakers...

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Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers Strike

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Mar 2012

If you are due to travel to Cyprus over the next 10 days, it is more than likely you will be affected by the air traffic controllers strike action...

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More Calories Consumed Through Alcohol than Food on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Mar 2012

Our latest poll shows young British holidaymakers drink more calories through alcohol than they eat each day on holiday...

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'Morbid Tourism' Searches on the Rise Amongst UK Holidaymakers

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Feb 2012

Whilst most people's idea of a holiday abroad involves sun, sea and sand, others have a slightly different idea when it comes to getting away...

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