When Holidays Are Worth Crying Over...

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Mar 2015

When you've checked into your hotel and you step out onto your balcony to check out that fabulous sea view, the overwhelming happiness at being on holiday can sometimes be enough to bring a tear to your eye... a happy tear, of course. But how about when it's time to pack up and go home? That feeling is a world away!

In our latest poll, we spoke to 2,177 adults from around the UK, each aged 21 or over, who had been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months. We wanted to find out all about their holiday experiences and the emotions they experienced on a break abroad.

1 in 5 holidaymakers cry on last day of holiday due to sadness that trip is over

When we asked the people taking part, 'Have you ever cried on the last day of a holiday due to being sad about the fact the holiday was over?' 22% of the total respondents taking part admitted to us that they had. There's no shame in that! 64% of these respondents were female and 36% were male. A further 16% admitted to having cried once they had got home.

We asked everyone if they had ever extended a holiday at the last minute (i.e. whilst they were on the holiday) to be able to stay for longer than they had planned (you know, spontaneously). Almost one in ten, 9%, of the respondents said that they had done this. We asked these people how many days they had extended their holiday by, revealing an average answer of '4 days' amongst the relevant respondents.

22% of people experience worries about what they will return home to, such as work and family life

One respondent even admitted to deliberately missing his flight home in the hope he'd be able to prolong his holiday. We're not sure that's the best idea! Everyone taking part was asked to sum up their feelings on the last day of their most recent holiday abroad. We provided a list of suggestions, but respondents could also state their own. According to the poll, the top five feelings on the last day of a holiday abroad are as follows:

1. Sadness that the holiday was over - 51%

2. Worry about what I was returning to (e.g. work, family life) - 22%

3. Happy/ready to be going home - 17%

4. Relaxed and rejuvenated - 6%

5. Nervous about travelling - 3%

Holidays are the highlight of many people's year, so it's understandable that there’s a feeling of real sadness when it comes to the time of having to go home. Although a slow and relaxed pace on holiday can often make your time away feel nice and long, when it comes to the final day it's easy to see how quick the time has really flown by.

All we can suggest is to make the most of your holiday whilst you're away so that, when it is time to go home, you can look back on your trip and look forward to the next one like it!
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