Pre-Holiday Fears

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th Mar 2015

We all look forward to a holiday, the chance to relax, better weather, good food, good drink, the list goes on, but the thought of one or more of these not going well is causing over half of us Britons to have genuine fears for when we go away.

For our latest research, we spoke with 2,107 British adults (aged 18 and over) who had all been on holiday in the last 12 months and quizzed them on their holiday experiences and preferences.

Top Holiday Fear Revealed as 'Food Poisoning'

When we asked, 'Do you have any concerns, fears or worries when heading abroad on a holiday?' 52% of those taking part said stated that they did, so we then asked these people to list anything that worried or concerned them. Being allowed to select all answers that were applicable to them, the top ten holiday fears were revealed as follows:

1. That I might get food poisoning - 75%

2. Holiday could be spoiled by bad weather/rain - 71%

3. I won't get as good a tan as I want to - 56%

4. The idea of flying/travelling - 42%

5. That the accommodation won't be up to scratch - 38%

6. That I will get sunburn - 33%

7. That I will get homesick - 27%

8. That I will lose something important (e.g. passport) - 25%

9. That I will run out of spending money - 21%

10. That I might not feel safe in the resort - 16%

Some of the other holiday concerns that didn't make it into our top ten list, included 'that my children won't behave' (12%), 'the idea of people seeing my in swimwear' (8%) and 'that I won't want to come home' (5%).

This is surely proof that we Britons like our safe food, or that we are concerned that our stomachs are up to the challenge of some of the more exotic tastes, with three quarters of us concerned that we'll eat something a little dodgy.
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