Most Popular Holiday Types of 2015 Revealed

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th Jan 2015

The New Year brings with it a whole host of holiday possibilities. Where will you go? What will you see? We were starting to wonder what the most popular holiday type of 2015 will be, so we did what we do best and we asked people!

We polled 1,578 Britons aged 18 and over and asked them questions about their travel plans for this year.

78% of Britons plan to go on holiday this year

When we asked, 'Are you planning or hoping to have a holiday in 2015?' 78% of the people taking part in the study told us that they were. These respondents were then asked to define the type of holiday that they were planning or hoping to go on. They could select more than one answer from a list if they were planning to go away on more than one holiday.

Beach holidays take the lead in popularity stakes

According to the answers we were given, the top 10 most popular holiday types of 2015 were revealed as follows:

1. Beach - 37%

2. Sightseeing - 33%

3. Adventure - 29%

4. City break - 21%

5. Ski - 17%

6. Voluntourism - 13%

7. Cruise - 11%

8. Walking/Hiking holiday - 8%

9. Wildlife-focused - 5%

10. Food/Cuisine break - 2%

When we asked the people taking part to name the destinations or attractions that they most wanted to visit in their lifetime, the most popular answer was 'Bondi Beach' (52%), followed by 'Copacabana Beach' in Rio De Janeiro (37%) and 'Pamelonne Beach' in St Tropez (29%).

Beach holidays have always been the firm favourite amongst Britons and still are, but clearly some people are also feeling a little on the adventurous side with the arrival of the New Year. Are you? If so, it's possible to combine many different types of holiday in one trip, with some beach locations being a stone's throw away from many sights, adventure excursions and cities.

Wherever you end up this year on your holidays, it's certainly worth booking soon so that you've something to look forward to during this cold and dreary January!
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