Can Holidays Heal a Broken Heart?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jun 2014

If you get through life without ever experiencing a relationship breakup, you can probably consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Whether you're the "dumper" or the "dumpee", breaking up with someone isn't nice.

We wanted to find out if people ever decide to book a holiday shortly after a breakup, either to get some space or go on the hunt for a new love interest. So, we decided to poll 1,699 people from around the UK, aged 18 and over, all of whom had broken up with a partner within the last 12 months.

1 in 5 Britons book a holiday within three months of breakup

When we asked the respondents, 'Did you book a holiday within three months of your relationship breakup?' one fifth of those taking part, 21%, said 'yes'. We then asked them to explain why they had decided to book a holiday following their breakup, to which we were given the following top 5 answers:

To take my mind off the breakup - 31%

To find another potential love interest on holiday - 26%

It just so happened that I was due a holiday/wanted to go away - 17%

Friends convinced me to go away - 13%

Other - 13%

Ibiza is the 'heartbreak holiday' destination of choice

Anyone who had booked a holiday within three months of a breakup, either to take their mind off things or to find another potential partner, was asked which destination they had booked, revealing the following top five 'heartbreak holiday' destinations:

1. Ibiza - 17%

2. Rhodes - 15%

3. Majorca - 11%

4. Cyprus - 9%

5. Spain - 6%

Breakups aren't easy for anyone and a holiday can be an ideal way to take your mind off any emotional turbulence. It was interesting to see all of the typical party destinations in the top five list of heartbreak holiday locations, with resorts such as San Antonio, Faliraki, Magaluf, Ayia Napa and Marbella probably frequented by heartbroken or newly single holidaymakers.

Getting a bunch of friends together for a few days in the sun or even going away with family can be a good way to get some distance from everything and return home to the UK with a clearer head... and maybe a new partner!
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