Don't Let Your Child Become Sunburnt on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th Jul 2014

Going from the UK to sunnier climes abroad can be somewhat of a body shock, as you adjust to the temperature changes and the extra precautions that you have to take as a result. Parents in particular have to be extra cautious when it comes to ensuring they use high SPF sun cream on their youngsters.

We wanted to find out if parents had even accidentally let their children become sunburnt on holiday and how common an occurrence this was. We polled 2,362 UK parents with children aged 10 or under and asked them about their holidays. All the respondents said that they tended to go away on a 'sun holiday' with their children at least once a year.

1 in 4 parents admits their child has been sunburnt on holiday

When we asked, 'Has your child ever become sunburnt whilst on holiday abroad?' a quarter, 24%, of the parents taking part said 'yes'. When we asked how this had made them feel as a parent, 42% admitted that they had become distressed when they realised, whilst 39% said it was 'embarrassing'. However, 8% said that they hadn't been that bothered by the fact it had happened.

All the parents taking part were asked what factor sun protection they tended to use on their children when on holiday in a hot and sunny climate. Whilst 4% admitted to not using any sun protection on their children, the average answer stated amongst those who did was 'SPF 15'; despite the recommendation being to use a 'high' factor of SPF 30 or above.

13% leave sun protection to their children to take care of

1 in 7 of the parents we spoke to, 13%, admitted that they often left their children to take care of their own sun protection applications. 62% of those who told us that their child had become sunburnt on holiday abroad in the past said that this tended to occur 'on every holiday'.

Asked how they felt when they saw other children who had become sunburnt on holiday, 67% of the parents taking part admitted that it angered them.

Parents need to be so careful when taking their children on holiday to a hot and sunny country. It's vital that you buy the correct sun protection factor for your children and apply it regularly, because otherwise it is inevitable they will become burnt; especially as kids are usually in and out of the pool.

SPF 50 or above is advisable for children and it needs to be applied at regular intervals and after swimming, towelling or sweating. No parent wants to be the one who lets their kid get baked by the sun on holiday, so be as careful as you can. Being overcautious is never a bad thing when it comes to sun protection, so think sunglasses, sun hats and T-shirts that cover the shoulders too.

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