Many Holidaymakers Have 'No Interest' in Making Friends

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Oct 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that you tend to be an antisocial bunch when abroad, as the majority of British holidaymakers have no interest in making friends whilst away; with the majority of them preferring to keep to themselves on holiday!

Apparently, it's all down to having 'no interest' in making friends outside of their holiday group.

We carried out the poll as part of an ongoing study into the holiday habits and preferences of people around the UK, in a bid to find out more about the phenomenon of 'holiday friends'. 2,107 British adults took part in the poll, each of whom had been abroad on holiday in the past 12 months.

Less than 1 in 10 Made Friends on Their Last Holiday Abroad

When asked, 'Did you make friends on your last holiday abroad, outside of the group you were travelling with?' less than 1 in 10, 8%, of those taking part in the study said 'yes'.

Just a third of respondents said they liked making friends on holiday

All respondents were asked what they thought of making friends on holiday, to which the answers were as follows:

- No interest in making friends, avoid 51%
- Like making friends, try to often 34%
- Indifferent 15%

When asked why, the majority said that they didn't want to get stuck with them

We then asked those respondents who claimed to have no interest in making friends on holiday, why that was the case. 46% put it down to not wanting to get stuck with people for the duration of their holiday, whilst 22% said they wanted 'alone time' with the people they were travelling with, such as friends or family members.

71% of those that had made friends abroad didn't stay in touch with them

71% of those who had made a friend/friends on their last holiday abroad said they didn't stay in touch after the break. Of those who did like to make friends on holiday, a third, 34%, said it 'made the holiday less boring' and 29% said it was to 'keep the kids entertained if friends also have children'.

Making friends on holiday isn't for everyone, but if you meet people you like and you get along, there's nothing wrong with spending time with them whilst you're out there! As long as you're all able to get on with your own agenda as well, then it can be quite nice to have a few new people to go for drinks with!

If you're worried about getting stuck with people, then avoiding them in the first instance does seem like the best idea!
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