Fifth of Over 30s Have Never Swam in the Sea

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Dec 2012

Our latest research has revealed that a fifth of over 30s from Britain have never swam in the sea, whilst a tenth have never walked on a beach abroad and 13% have never been abroad.

It would appear that many UK adults over the age of 30 have missed out on a few travel-related and holiday experiences, according to our latest poll. It revealed that a fifth of over 30s claimed to never have swam in the sea, whilst the number of countries they'd visited abroad averaging at '2'.

We carried out the poll to find out how well-travelled UK adults were and what holiday-related experience they may have missed out on, if any. 2,207 people over the age of 30 from around the UK took part in the study and answered questions about their experiences of holidays and various activities they'd done throughout their lives.

Fifth of those that had never swam in the sea admitted that they didn't like the sea

When asked, 'Have you ever swam or paddled in the sea, either in the UK or abroad?' 19% of those taking part admitted that they had not done so. When asked why they hadn't, 21% explained that they were afraid of or didn't like the sea, but the majority, 76%, said the opportunity to get into the sea had never presented itself to them.

Spain and France were the most popular destinations

When asked how many different countries, aside from those in the UK and Ireland, they had visited abroad in their lifetime so far, the average answer stated by respondents was '2' countries; with the most popular destinations being 'Spain' and 'France'. The poll also found that 13% of respondents had never even been abroad.

The majority of those polled said that they wanted to visit 8 countries or more

Furthermore, 9% of those taking part had never walked on a beach overseas and 14% had never travelled by airplane before. Despite the average respondent having only visited 2 countries overseas, when asked how many places abroad were on their 'to visit' lists, the majority of those taking part said they still wanted to visit 8 different countries.

We were actually quite surprised to find out that the average Brit aged over 30 had only ever been to 2 countries! With so many cultural experiences out there, it's sad to think about how much may have been missed out on!

If you're considering another trip to Spain this year, why not look into similar holidays in other countries? Or save up for a little bit longer to go further afield? As long as you plan properly, going abroad doesn't have to be ludicrously expensive.
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