Holidaymakers Fritter Away 150 Pounds Spending Money

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Dec 2012

Our latest survey has revealed that the average British holidaymaker spends all the money they take with them on holiday, with the majority admitting to frittering some away just to use it all up.

Many of us would admit to being wasteful when it comes to holidays abroad, in terms of the money we spend whilst away. Our poll revealed that most of you spend all the money you take with you whilst away on holiday, with many of you frittering some away on unnecessary purchases, just to get rid.

We carried out the study as part of ongoing research into the holiday habits of people around the UK. 2,168 people took part in the study, all of whom were over the age of 18, from the UK and who had been abroad on holiday in the past 12 months. Respondents were questioned specifically about their holiday spending on their last trip.

67% said that they spent all of their spending money that they took on holiday

When asked, 'On your last holiday, did you spend all of the money you took with you for spending?' the majority, 67%, of those taking part said 'Yes, I spent all that I took', whilst 21% said they spent more than they originally took and budgeted for. The remaining 12% of respondents said they had some spending money left over from their last trip abroad.

88% admitted that they 'frittered' away their remaining holiday cash

We then questioned the respondents who said that they spent all of the money they took with them and asked if they had ended up spending some of it or 'frittering it away' on unnecessary purchases just to use it all up. 88% of the respondents admitted that was the case and, when asked why, the most common reason (52%) was because they 'couldn't be bothered' to change the money back to GBP on their return home.

The most common purchases that leftover cash was used for were 'gifts for others'

A third, 34%, said they frittered money away because they thought they might as well, seeing as though they'd already budgeted for it. When looking at the most common purchases amongst those frittering holiday spending money away, 'gifts for others' was the most common buy for holidaymakers looking to get rid of excess foreign currency.

When asked how much money they thought they'd 'frittered' away on their last holiday abroad, just to get rid of and that they actually could have bought home and changed back, the average answer was £150.00.

If you are left with some cash leftover at the end of a holiday, you don't have to spend it! It can be incredibly satisfying to bring it home and change it back into pounds! However, if you're left with a pocketful of foreign coins, then it may well be worth trying to shift them before you get back! If you're a frequent traveller, you could even keep any leftover cash for your next trip.
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