Majority of Women Fill Own Suitcase and Third of Partner's

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Dec 2012

Our latest survey has revealed that the majority of female holidaymakers from the UK fill their own suitcase when going away with the items they want to take, plus around a third of their boyfriend's or husband's case with their excess items.

Ladies, it would seem that a 15kg or 20kg luggage allowance just isn't enough for some of you when you're off on your travels, as our latest survey has revealed that the majority of British women fill their own suitcases when going abroad on holiday; in addition to around a third of their partner's case!

We carried out the research as part of an ongoing study into the holiday habits of people around the UK, with a specific focus on their packing and suitcases. 2,317 women in relationships took part in the poll, each aged 18 or over and who had been on holiday in the past 12 months with their partner.

78% of the women polled said they fill their suitcase to the maximum weight allowance

When asked, 'Did you fill your suitcase up to the maximum weight allowance when going on your last holiday abroad with your partner?' 78% of those women taking part said 'yes'. They were then asked if they ended up packing much more than they'd needed on their last holiday abroad with their other half, to which the majority, 84%, admitted they had.

When those who filled their own case were asked if they also put some of their excess items in their partner's case, two thirds, 67%, said that they did. They were asked roughly how much of their partner's case they took up with their own items, to which the average answer given was 'a third'.

Electrical goods were most likely to be added into partner's suitcases

When asked what items they tended to put in their partner's case that they couldn't fit in their own and asked to select all that applied from a list of possible answers, the most common items were as follows:

Electrical (hairdryer/camera/straighteners etc.) - 82%

Footwear - 64%

Toiletries/cosmetics - 49%

Clothes - 36%

Swimwear - 21%

27% said that they mixed their belongings in both suitcases, in case one got lost

Furthermore, 27% of the total respondents said that they, along with their partner, tended to mix what they put in each other's cases (in terms of having some of each other's items in each) in case luggage was lost; leaving them with at least some items should that occur.

Here at HQ we weren't too surprised to find out that many ladies had managed to fill their entire suitcase with things for a weeks holiday. It can be quite hard to work out when you're going to wear every night for a week in advance, so I think many people tend to over pack, it's not just the ladies!

However, when we found that the majority of women start filling their partner's suitcases too, we were quite shocked! It's important not to over pack, otherwise you'll be starting your holiday with a nasty excess baggage bill. Once you've packed, we'd recommend going back through your suitcase and working out what you could really do without!
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