'Noisy Children' Voted Most Annoying In-flight Issue

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Nov 2012

Our latest survey has revealed the top 10 most annoying in-flight issues according to UK holiday makers, with 'noisy children' stated as the top irritation, followed by lack of leg room and poor quality food.

Everyone has little things that annoy them when they travel abroad by plane, so we thought we'd have a look into what annoys you the most. We polled 1,648 people, all of whom had been abroad on holiday in the last year.

88% said that they found 'noisy children' the most irritating

When asked 'Which of the following scenarios annoy you the most during a flight, when going on holiday?' and asked to select all that applied from a list a possible answers. The results according to the poll by sunshine.co.uk were as follows:

1. Noisy children 88%

2. Lack of leg room 76%

3. Poor quality food/choice 52%

4. Not getting seated with co-travellers 49%

5. Passengers kicking backs of chairs 41%

6. Loud fellow passengers 35%

7. Drunken fellow passengers 23%

8. Small toilets 17%

9. Rude in-flight crew 11%

10. No in-flight entertainment 9%

Just a fifth of those polled said they actually liked flying

When asked if they enjoyed flying, just 23% of those taking part said 'yes', whilst 35% claimed to be 'indifferent'. 14% of those polled were scared of flying.

A fifth said they had complained to staff about something on their flight

All respondents were asked if they had ever made a complaint about any aspect of their flight experience on a previous holiday abroad, to which a fifth, 19%, said that they had. When asked what the cause of their complaint had been, 'noisy children' was again the top answer given.

It can be tough as a parent if you have young children on a flight, especially if you have to keep them entertained for a long time. Passengers travelling with young children need to try and be as considerate as possible of others on the flight, not letting your kids cause havoc. However, those without kids also need to be patient and remember that one day it could be them in the same situation!

Things such as lack of leg room and poor quality food are usually a given on flights; they are both something that everyone expects, but are still disappointed when they have little legroom and a lukewarm meal!
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