Increase in Requests for Seats at Back of the Plane

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Nov 2012

Following a documentary on Channel 4 recently whereby an experiment saw a Boeing-727 crash over the Mexican desert, we've seen an increase in enquires from customers looking to ensure they sit towards the back of the plane; where it was deemed 'safest' in the programme.

Those of you that travel a lot may have been interested in 'The Plane Crash', a recent Channel 4 documentary that aired on TV. As a result of the show, we have seen an increase in enquiries made by UK holidaymakers looking to be reassured that they won't be sat at the front of the plane; which was shown to be the most dangerous section of the aircraft for passengers to be in if the plane went down, according to the experiment.

Over 400 people have enquired about the seat reservations on their flights

We have had more than 400 enquiries from customers over the past month since The Plane Crash aired, related to their seats on the flight for their holiday. Most of you were simply asking how to ensure that you would be sat towards the back of the aircraft when going on their holiday, as the documentary revealed that this was the area in which their chances of survival were best.

Around 50 of the enquiries we received referenced seat '7A' and many of our customers asked about how they'd ensure that they weren't sat in that seat when they went on their next holiday. In the documentary, seat 7A was shown to be catapulted 500 feet from the plane.

The number of enquiries for first class bookings have dropped by 63%

The programme showed that, once the plane went down, none of the passengers in first class at the front of the plane would have survived. Reflecting this, we have received 63% fewer enquiries relating to first class bookings since the show aired, compared to the same time frame before the programme.

Since The Plane Crash aired, there have been an increase in enquiries from customers about 'fear or flying' help and cures; a 47% increase on the week before the programmed was shown.

The programme has obviously had an impact on those who watched it; whether it exacerbated any fears, or whether it made normally happy fliers think twice.

It can often be quite difficult to request the seats that you would like, and many airlines don't offer any kind of reserved seating at all. However, it's important to remember that plane crashes happen very rarely. Try not to worry about the seating arrangements and focus on enjoying your holiday!
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