How Do Your Stress Levels Compare to Others in Your Region?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th Dec 2016

Life is hectic and stress can often catch up with us, no matter what our lifestyle or circumstance. We all know that holidays can be a great stress-buster, but we wanted to find out more about how much they really can help; as well as where in the UK the most and least stressed people lived.

During our latest survey, we polled 3,152 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, with respondents divided equally across the 12 UK regions. We asked them questions about their lifestyles and general wellbeing, so that we could determine how stress levels varied across the UK.

South East Home To 'Most Stressed' People in UK

Every respondent was first of all asked to state which region of the UK they resided in, so that we could uncover any location-specific trends. They were then asked to rate their stress level over the last six months, on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being low stress and 10 being high stress). To coincide with this, they were then asked what the biggest stressor in their lives was, as well as what contributed most to lowering their stress.

According to our results, the top five regions of the UK home to the 'most stressed' residents, along with the average 'stress score' and the factor that causes the most stress to the majority of residents there, are as follows:

1. South East (9) - Work Life

2. North West (8) - Financial Situation

3. London (8) - Work Life

4. North East (7) - Family Life

5. West Midlands (7) - Politics

South West Residents Have Lowest Stress Levels

The top five regions of the UK home to the 'least stressed' residents, along with the average 'stress scores' and the factors that contribute most to lowering stress levels, are as follows:

1. South West (1) - Financial Security

2. Wales (2) - Good Social Life

3. East Midlands (2) - Regular Holidays

4. Yorkshire & Humberside (3) - Fit/Healthy Lifestyle

5. East of England (4) - Regular Holidays

75% of the respondents taking part in our poll said that holidays abroad or in the UK were 'very important' in helping them to cope with stress throughout the year. When we asked in what way this was true, 52% cited 'time away' as the thing that helped them and 28% said 'having something to look forward to'.

It's clear that stress levels vary greatly across the UK, but people in the South East seem to suffer more than others. Perhaps it's time for those people to reassess their work/life balance to ensure they're getting plenty of time away from work doing things they enjoy.

Those in the South West seem to have it covered, citing 'financial security' as the thing that helps them sleep at night. Perhaps saving the pennies - aside from the few spent on the odd holiday - is the key.
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