One in three of us lose things whilst on holiday!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th Jun 2013

Recently, a member of our team came back into the office after a holiday and short of it being a relaxing break, said they had managed to lose both their phone and camera in their week-long break.

This got us thinking - how many of us are less careful with our belongings when away than we would be at home?

Well, we thought we'd look at this and polled more than 1,600 people to find out just how many came home with fewer of their possessions that the ones they'd travelled with!

According to the survey, a third of holidaymakers lose something whilst away; with cameras being the most likely item not to return home to the UK, with 'purse/wallet' a close second.

We initially asked respondents the straightforward question 'Have you ever lost anything whilst on holiday?' to which more than a third, 35%, said 'yes'. Those who said they had, were then asked to name what it was that they had lost, selecting more than one option if they had lost more than one item. The top 10 answers were as follows:

1. Camera - 32%

2. Purse/wallet - 29%

3. Sunglasses - 27%

4. Ring - 24%

5. Swimwear - 21%

6. Mobile phone - 18%

7. Shoes - 15%

8. Watch - 11%

9. MP3/iPod - 9%

10. Passport - 4%

Although many lost track of their belongings abroad, we found that around two fifths of items lost on holiday were later recovered.

Anyone who had later recovered an item was then asked how they had managed to find it. Half of the people asked said their lost possessions had simply "turned up" where they'd left it, but a quarter, 24% said they'd been kindly handed in at their accommodation.

Losing something on holiday can be frustrating and incredibly stressful, particularly if you're halfway home before realising! Your best bet is to report a lost item to reception in your accommodation as soon as you realise it is missing, or retrace your steps if you've visited any restaurants, bars or anywhere you could have left anything.
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