The Holidays That Never Were

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Apr 2013

Have you ever planned a holiday that didn't quite make it to the booking stage? Well, if you have then you're not alone! Our recent poll aimed to find out all about the "holidays that never were", meaning trips abroad that get planned but don't go ahead for whatever reason.

We surveyed a total of 1,956 UK adults and asked them all about holidays that they had planned in the past, whether they had ended up going on them or not.

People taking part were asked to think about holidays they'd either booked or began planning in the last 3 years (planning being anything from the early research stages right up to just before booking). When asked to estimate how many of their holiday plans from the last 3 years had been quashed for whatever reason and had never actually reached the booking stage, the average answer was '1 in every 3'.

Financial situation top reason holidays don't go ahead

We wanted to find out the causes of these holiday plans not going ahead, because everyone deserves a break and it seemed a shame that as many as 1 in 3 trips abroad get quashed! When we asked people why, the most common reasons were:

Financial situation/unrealistic financial expectations - 42%

Couldn't get the leave from work - 39%

Couldn't decide where to go - 22%

No particular reason - 11%

Other - 7%

Those selecting 'other' were asked to elaborate and when we looked back through the answers, reasons for holiday plans not going ahead included disagreeing with co-travellers about where to go and also bad reviews putting people off certain places.

Holidays are something that everyone should be able to enjoy each year, but bank balances don't always allow for it. Our advice would be to put a small amount of money away in savings each month, so that you'll be able to hop on a plane into the sun at least once annually.
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