Playamaro Hotel
Nerja, Costa del Sol

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Holidays at Playamaro Hotel in Nerja, Costa del Sol
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Rating 3

The Playamaro is a small and simple hotel situated in Maro, around 3km from the centre of Nerja.

3.7 / 5 from 3 reviews

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    Facilities at the hotel include a bar and restaurant and a reception service.

    Local charges may apply to some hotel facilities and others may be seasonal.


    All 23 rooms feature a private bathroom, hairdryer, telephone and satellite TV. Some rooms are located in an annexe opposite the hotel.

    Local charges may apply to some hotel facilities and others may be seasonal.

    Map of Playamaro Hotel

    The hotel is situated in Maro, next to the Maro Cliffs and a short drive from the nearest beach.

    Malaga Airport is approx 80km away.

    Address: Calle San Miguel 28, Nerja, Costa del Sol, 29787, Spain Telephone: 0034 952 529 582

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    Playamaro Hotel Reviews

    Customer Rating 3.7 / 5 from 3 Customer Reviews

    Holiday Date:15th Sep 2017
    Accommodation:Playamaro Hotel
    Room:Double Or Twin
    Board:Half Board
    (4 suns)

    Sunshine holidays were great from the word go! No problems at all were encountered. Simple and straightforward. Our holiday was booked for the last two weeks of September 2017 half board.

    Departing from Bournemouth was a dream as we had booked car parking at the airport. We arrived early morning as we had an early flight and there was an attendant in the car park.

    We went straight through after checking our bags. We took sandwiches and snacks and bought drinks at the cafeteria. The flight which was booked with Ryanair was on time and we had paid the tiny bit extra for priority boarding so we had no problems with overhead storage. As there were only two of us to worry about this was no problem. If you are a group then that may be different.

    On arrival, unfortunately the transport that we had paid for to take us on to the hotel was slightly late so we were walking around for a short while in the heat looking for anyone showing a card with our name. The driver was not too long and was forgiven immediately when we saw that we had a very smart people carrier for just three passengers and their luggage. We carried on to our hotel in the village of Maro which is about four kilometres from Nerja. Our fellow passenger was conveyed on to Nerja in the transport.

    On our departure we were an early morning pick up from outside our hotel (0320 hrs). The transport arrived on time and to our delight it was a huge Mercedes. Unfortunately the driver was not too happy that we had a hold bag each and a cabin bag each because of shortage of space in the boot. He stated that he had another pick up and we agreed to place the cabin bags on our knees if necessary. We picked a couple up who were flying back to Sweden. Luckily they had only one baggage for hold and two for the cabin. The lady got into the front seat which left three of us to squeeze up into the back seat. The journey to the airport was about an hour and twenty minutes and it was stifling hot even though the A/C was on. Beautiful car only unsuitable for transporting more than a few people really. We tipped our driver on arrival and on departure.

    On arrival we saw just what we were expecting which was an old fashioned type hotel in a beautiful Spanish village just off one of the national parks set in stunning countryside.

    Our greeting by the Receptionist whose name we found out to be Rocia (pronounced Rothia) was warm and welcoming. She explained the whereabouts of our ‘habitacion’ and also handed us a flat plastic ‘key’. The accommodation was as expected, very clean with a beautiful view from our double doors to the terrace. I found out that to make things all electric work then you had to slide the plastic key into a slot just inside the door. If you wanted to leave the room with your key which we did then you had to take the key out of the slot which kept the A/C working as sometimes was required. In the bathroom we found a hair dryer. There was a television with Spanish channels only. We also found the safe in the wardrobe which cost two Euros a day. We were used to paying for the use of a safe so this no problem. On receipt of the fourteen days money for the safe we were issued with a key for the safe and a key for the door to the room so we were able to leave the electricity switched on to the room while we were away from the room. Great. Cool on our return if required.

    Luckily we took our own travel kettle and also a small travel iron although we didn’t need it. Again we took a small wash line and some pegs which always come in useful. Besides laundry we used these for keeping packets and bags closed when required. We again took too many clothes but you never know. Less next time….Ha!

    The only criticism of the building itself was that the walls were thin and besides the toilets and showers which were no problem occasionally at night one could hear things that one would really rather not if you get my drift! Not unusual in many hotels I know.

    Everyone at the hotel was very pleasant including Andrea in the bar/Restaurant (left for the winter and may be back next year), another lady on reception whom I cannot remember her name. (Apologies) Christober (how he pronounced it) who was married to one of the lady owners (sisters). The two sisters came across as pleasant but slightly aloof. Miguel was a waiter in the bar/Restaurant (his wife is due to give birth in March) and Miguel thinks that it may be a girl. There was also a relative of the sisters who helped around the bar/restaurant. There was also a late arrival barman called Miguel who was just slightly hyperactive. (Manuel!). Our three domestics were as kind and helpful as could be. Our accommodation was cleaned every day and towels and sheets were changed every other day alternately or as required. The place was kept spotless! I must say ‘Beware the Spanish drains’. Especially at the weekends when the hotels fill up. A bad smell can come from the bathroom. We used to block up the drain holes and vents which absolutely solved the problem at night especially.

    There was a plunge pool up on the roof that was about three feet deep and measured approximately four metres by four metres. There were sun beds, tables and chairs all of which could have done with a ‘lift’ but we had some very pleasant quiet times up on the roof. One reason for this was that it was end of season.

    The food was really very good. Breakfast consisted of choices of orange juice, cereals, toast, small sausages in tomato sauce scrambled eggs, bacon sometimes, bread rolls, cheese, ham with jams and butter. Coffee and tea were also available.
    The restaurant was open from early morning to between 9.30 pm and around 10 pm or later if busy. There was a set menu which consisted of a three course (3 choices each course) meal at lunch time and also in the evenings at a cost of 9 Euros and there was also the a la carte menu for anything else you may require. The choices were very good and the chef was excellent. We had choices of soups, meats, seafood, and vegetarian. All with pasta, salad, potatoes and many, many local and Spanish dishes. The food was really very healthy Mediterranean cuisine. All drinks were to pay for. Water came in at 2 Euros a 500ml bottle. The only criticism I have with the drinks is that I would like everything I order to be opened at the table.

    A couple of local shops served us well for sundry items where water was a lot cheaper and the local people were friendly and warm. There is also a pharmacy in the village. There are many shops in Nerja including large ‘supermercados’.

    There are really two main restaurants in the village of maro, one at the bottom of the hill as you leave the village on the way to Nerja. This is called ‘LaEntrada’ which seemed to be a family affair. Unfortunately there appeared to be some friction going on in the family and we found the service very bad. The waiter seemed vacant at times and certainly not helpful. He actually did not seem to know what the menu of the day consisted of and this menu did not change. This also might have been that he did not want us to order from the menu of the day and order more expensive dishes. We tended not to go there after a few not so good experiences.

    The other Cafe/Restaurant is called ‘la Balcon de Maro’. The views from here are spectacular. No problem with the food or drink. You will find that you have to wait for everything. Waitress, menu, waitress again, order, drinks, bill. You get my drift. They seem to have a monopoly and are very aware of it. We did have a pleasant evening when we went to see the flamenco dancing. The waitresses can be very short and abrasive when speaking to the tourists.

    There are the maro caves to see which are spectacular and there is plenty of countryside if you like exploring. Next to the village of maro is the national park.

    There is a beach called La Playacaleta which is a long long walk downhill along a very hot dusty lane followed by about one hundred steps. We went to this beach by accident as we were looking for ‘la Playa Maro’. The views and scenery on the way are stunning. The area itself is known for ‘the new age traveller’ type of person to congregate and make shelters in the bushes and also on and around the beach area. The local people are not very happy about this as they go through the bins for anything that may be of use including food on occasion. They also tend to use the bushes and the surrounds as an ablution area. Some of them were begging for cigarettes, food or money. The beach is stony and the water was crystal clear. It was a long walk back up to civilisation!

    La Playa maro was the one we were looking for originally. This beach is another longer walk but the walk is easier on the way down as it is generally on hard road surface. We went down early morning after breakfast and paid 5.08 Euros each person for a bed. The beach was deserted and there were facilities for changing and washing your feet. A beautiful beach and heavenly water to swim in. The only thing was that the beach cafe was not serving anything until 2 pm including drinks. What? Needless to say we left early and were put out that we paid 10 Euros too much for the pleasure. I honestly don’t know how we made it back up the long hill. Very steep and very hot and sweaty. We stopped every few minutes for breath and rest. It took us about an hour and a half which would take an average twenty year old three quarters of an hour. We were wacked! It is a very long walk.

    FYI Maro is the last village along the Costa del Sol.

    Some people in Maro don’t seem to pick up their dog poo like we do and place them in a suitable receptacle. Sometimes you have to beware. We used to say “be careful here, sultana alarma”. Ha!

    Maro is in an agricultural area and can be prone at times to farmyard smells with accompanying flies. Please, please to do let me put you off because it is really quite pleasant. Lovely and peaceful. Beautiful and stunning. Amazing at times.

    There is a bus service to Nerja Centro which sometimes picks you up at ‘La Entrada’ but mostly and more guaranteed if you walk down to the Rotunda (Roundabout) and catch the regular bus into Nerja Centro which will cost you 1.16 Euros. Very good. From here you can visit Frigliana (pronounced Frihiliana). You catch this bus further down from the paying kiosk as it is run by a different company. No problem at all. On our visit to Frigliana we went on the tourist train around the beautiful village at a cost of 3 Euros each and saw many more things than we would have if we had to walk to them and also known about them. Well worth it. The market was also open so we bought a few things that we did not need. There are cafes and restaurants galore along the main street as well as a few further along and elsewhere. We caught the bus back to Nerja Centro where we were dropped off on arrival. The bus costs were 1 euro each way. A truly pleasant day out.

    Nerja itself is packed with shops, restaurants and beautiful people. Very enjoyable. We walked straight down the main street then to the left where we found the ‘Balcon de Europa’ which is a very classy area full of shops (some expensive) restaurants, cafes and a beautiful beach down below. The views are stunningly spectacular and really worth a visit.

    On the way into Nerja you can get off the bus and walk down to ‘Burriana Beach’. A fabulous well-kept beach with many restaurants and cafes. Many tourists but very nice. Another good day out.

    Another trip out is to the nerja market. You get off the bus again on the way into nerja. Everyone you meet is willing to give information, including locals and tourists. There are two so just make sure that you go to the ones you want. The Sunday market was like a car boot sale only a million times worse. Absolute rubbish mostly (in my opinion). I would not advise a visit to this market. When I mentioned the Sunday market to the staff at the hotel they laughed saying it was rubbish.
    There is another market in Nerja which is on a Tuesday. This market is the real deal. It is full of colour, smells, noise and has typically Spanish atmosphere. Wonderful people selling fruits and vegetables all locally grown. Leather goods, clothing, shoes, souvenirs, every kind of spice you could ever want, underwear, all kinds of jewellery and of course the watches. Books, different kinds of materials, tools, music and electrical goods. Gadgets and things you did not know you wanted. It goes on forever. Suddenly you are tired and sadly have to leave. A truly good trip out.

    There is a free English newspaper in nerja called Sur (www.surinenglish) which is well worth a read and it is very informative about many things.
    Also a free local magazine in English called the market place (

    I thank all the people involved in making our holiday GREAT! Thank you to sunshine holidays and thank you to Spain.

    Ryanair informed the world that hundreds of thousands of people were being left stranded and had to make alternative arrangements while we were in Spain. We flew with Ryanair so we were having a slight panic. Fortunately we were some of the lucky ones as we found out that our flight home was not cancelled. Hoorah!

    That is about it I am afraid. Sorry it went on but I had so much to tell and I hope it has been interesting and enlightening as well as useful.

    Would I go again? You betcha I would. In a flash!

    Holiday Date:4th Aug 2017
    Accommodation:Playamaro Hotel
    Room:Double Or Twin
    Board:Bed & Breakfast
    (3 suns)

    Very friendly staff, would of liked a fridge but overall I had a lovely stay.

    Holiday Date:12th Sep 2014
    Accommodation:Playamaro Hotel
    Room:Double Or Twin
    Board:Bed & Breakfast
    (4 suns)

    We found the hotel very clean and we were well looked after. Breakfasts were just what we expected but perhaps sometimes a bit more as a couple of times we got bacon and scrambled egg as well as continental hams and cheeses and bread rolls. It could do with a bit of updating and round the pool needed to be made to look a bit more inviting but we went mid September so maybe the end of the season. Tiny balcony with only room for one chair but a lovely sea view. All in all we were not disappointed.

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