‘Financial Security’ & ‘Desire To Travel’ in Top 5 Traits Female Millennials Look For in Men

Posted by Sue Anderson, 2nd May 2017

When looking for a potential partner, there are certain things that people look for; such as that instant spark, things in common and someone who can make them laugh. However, our latest research has revealed the list of priorities that female millennials have when it comes to finding a male match.

We spoke to 2,176 heterosexual, single women aged 18-34 in the UK and asked them questions about what they'd want most in a potential male partner (selecting as many traits as they'd like). According to our results, the top 10 most desired traits in men by female millennials were revealed to be as follows:

1. Caring personality - 89%

2. Financial security - 77%

3. Good looks - 75%

4. Desire to travel - 69%

5. Good sense of humour - 62%

6. Desire to have a family one day - 50%

7. Can drive/has a car - 47%

8. High sex drive - 44%

9. Sociable personality - 41%

10. Ambition - 38%

Narrowly missing out on the top 10 was 'cooking skills' (32%), 'similar TV/film/music interests' (29%) and 'a love of animals' (21%). Intelligence ranked 14th place, with 18% of the vote.

9% of Young Women Who Go Travelling End a Relationship To Do So

We asked all respondents if they had ever 'been travelling' (defined as an extended period of travelling that lasted for one month or more). 46% of the women taking part said 'yes'. These people were then asked if they had ended a relationship in order to go travelling, to which 9% said 'yes'. However, 17% said that they had gone travelling with a partner that they were with at the time. 23% said that they met a love interest whilst travelling.

All respondents were asked, 'When in a relationship, how many holidays per year do you like to go on with your partner?' the average answer once all were analysed was revealed to be 'two'.

We think this list of top 10 traits that female millennials look for in potential partners says a lot about where they are in their lives; with many prioritising travelling over starting a family. That makes a lot of sense, as it's good to get travelling out of your system before settling down with little ones, who could restrict where you go for a little while.

Travelling also seems to break a fair few relationships up, with some ending things to jet off around the world as a free spirit. However, some confessed to finding love on their travels too, so everyone's story is clearly different! Whatever the case, travel in relationships is important, as it helps couples to escape their everyday routines and just be together.
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