Solo Holidays Are More Common Than You Might Think

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Sep 2014

For our latest piece of research, we looked at the concept of solo holidays and travelling alone. We wanted to find out how many people have embarked on holidays all on their lonesome and the reasons why these kind of breaks appeal to holidaymakers.

We polled 1,693 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, each of whom had been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months, and asked them questions about all the holidays they'd been on.

24% of Britons have been abroad on holiday alone

We initially asked all respondents 'Have you ever been on a holiday abroad by yourself?' to which 24% of respondents told us that they had. The remaining 76% of respondents revealed that they had never been on holiday by themselves.

Those who had been on holiday abroad alone were then asked to disclose all the reasons why they had had travelled by themselves. The top 5 reasons for doing so were as follows:

1. Looking for love - 31%

2. To re-discover myself - 26%

3. I like my own company - 24%

4. No one else to go with - 19%

5. My usual holiday buddies couldn't make it - 17%

Spain top destination for solo holidays

The relevant respondents were then asked to reveal to us which location they went to whilst travelling abroad alone. The top locations were revealed as follows:

1. Spain - 25%

2. Australia - 23%

3. Thailand - 18%

4. Greece - 14%

5. France - 11%

We wanted to know if the people who had never been on holiday alone would ever consider doing so in future. A majority of 67% of those respondents indicated that they would, whilst the remaining 33% of respondents stated that they would never go away by themselves.

If you are travelling alone, it pays to stay cautious and remain in busy areas. Those looking to head off on a solo holiday should perhaps consider an all inclusive resort, where everything they could possibly need is all in one place and they don't have to wander very far.
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