Spending Money By Location - Where Do Britons Take The Most?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 19th Apr 2016

It's important to plan how much spending money you'll need each day during your holiday, wherever in the world you're heading. Even if you've booked an all inclusive trip, you still might want to allow for eating out on a few occasions, money for taxis, tips and trips.

We started wondering where in the world people take the most spending money, so in our latest poll we spoke to 3,165 UK adults and asked them all about their holiday spending habits. Everyone had been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months.

Holidaymakers Take Most Spending Money To Rome, Dubai and NYC

Regardless of the length of their holiday and board-basis, all respondents were asked where they had visited for their last trip abroad and how much spending money they had budgeted per day. From these answers, we were able to identify where in the world Britons took the most spending money with them per day (in GBP equivalent), revealing the following top 10 destinations and amounts:

1. Rome - £270

2. Dubai - £266

3. New York City - £254

4. Las Vegas - £236

5. Orlando - £230

6. Paris - £225

7. Marbella - £210

8. Los Angeles - £207

9. Cannes - £205

10. Monaco - £200

Benidorm, Tenerife and Majorca Incite Lowest Holiday Spending

We also aimed to uncover the places where Britons took the least amount of spending money per day on holiday; revealing Benidorm (£31), Tenerife (£35) and Majorca (£40) as the top three places with the lowest spending money budgets. Bargain!

When we asked all respondents if they ended up spending more money on their last holiday abroad than they had budgeted for each day, 76% said 'yes'. We then asked how they'd accessed these extra funds, with 'credit cards' (46%), 'savings accounts' (21%) and 'current account' (16%) the top three answers. Credit cards are great in emergencies, but they can encourage unnecessary and wasteful spending too, so remember to not get carried away.

Most Spending Money Goes On Food + Drink

When we asked what most of their daily spending money went on each day on their last holiday, the top three answers were 'food/drink' (37%), 'admissions/tickets' (28%) and 'shopping e.g. clothes' (25%).

It was really interesting to see where in the world Britons take the most spending money for their holidays. Places like Rome, Dubai and NYC are shopping havens, with designers stores dotted around everywhere and luring holidaymakers in. That probably goes some way towards explaining why people take so much spending money there. As for places like Benidorm, Tenerife and Majorca, an all-inclusive culture has definitely developed in these destinations, and holidays of this type require little, if any, spending money at all. What's more, there are fewer sights to see and tours to go on, so people can really spend as little as they want to!
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