A Couple's First Holiday Abroad - How Soon, How Long and How Much?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th Jul 2016

The very first holiday with your partner is always an exciting one, but how soon should you go away with your new love interest? There are no set rules, of course, and some people even meet their future husbands and wives whilst they're on a holiday.

Still, to find out more about couples' first holidays abroad, we spoke to 2,266 people aged 25 and over from around the UK who'd been on holiday abroad with their partner in the last three years for the first time. We asked them all about their trip, such as how long they'd waited before jetting off with their amore, how long they went away for and how much they spent.

When we asked, 'How long did you wait before going on holiday abroad with you current partner after you first formed the relationship?' the average length of time when all answers were taken into account was revealed to be just '2 months'. However, two fifths (42%) of those who had waited 6 months or less to go away with their new partner told us that the trip had already been booked by either them or their other half before they met and the other person was later added to the booking.

Everyone we polled was asked where their first holiday abroad with their partner had been. The top ten destinations were revealed to be as follows:

1. Tenerife - 17%

2. Turkey - 14%

3. Ibiza - 11%

4. Majorca - 10%

5. Egypt - 8%

6. Mainland Spain - 7%

7. Gran Canaria - 5%

8. France - 3%

9. Greece - 3%

10. Cyprus - 2%

62% of Couples Make Love Daily On Their First Holiday Abroad Together

When we asked how, shall we say, passionate they'd been with their partner on their first holiday abroad together, 62% of the people taking part in the poll said that they had made love 'every single day' on their first overseas trip with their other half. Just 3% of those polled didn't have any sex on their first holiday abroad with their partner.

The average length of the first couples holiday abroad in a new relationship was revealed to be '10 nights', with the average spend on the booking revealed as £480.00pp.

We have to say, we were somewhat surprised to see that couples wait just two months on average for that initial getaway. It seems a bit soon, because you may not really know the person fully in that time and it's probably not wise to take a trip with someone you don't feel all that comfortable around yet. As for the most popular destination for first time couple's holidays, it seems to be the cheap and cheerful places closer to home that are favourable!
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