What Pictures Are In Your Holiday Photo Album?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Sep 2014

Going back through the photos from your trip after returning from a holiday can be the perfect remedy for those post-vacation blues. We all get them, but the memories can make it all better!

We polled 2,176 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, who had all been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months, and we asked them all about what photos they'd taken on the trip.

89% of holidaymakers take photos during their trip

When we asked, 'Did you take photos while you were on your last holiday abroad?' 89% of the people taking part told as that they did. They were then asked what devices they'd used to take the images, which revealed the most common answers to be a smartphone (66%), camera (42%) and tablet device (27%).

In order to find out what kind of images holidaymakers were capturing on their breaks, we asked people to analyse their latest holiday photo collection and describe how many of each type of picture they'd taken (choosing from our list or writing their own answers). It was revealed that the average holiday photo collection contains the following image types:

127 landscape photos (beach, scenery etc.)

62 resort photos (of local area, shops etc.)

45 selfies

38 portrait shots (of individuals or groups)

33 nature photos (wildlife)

31 'unidentifiable' photos (blurred, blank screen)

26 swimming pool photos

21 landmark photos

16 hotel room/accommodation photos

14 drink photos (cocktails, beers)

13 food photos

10 photos of legs on sun lounger

6 stray cat photos

5 pictures of strangers

Average holidaymaker has 447 images in their holiday photo collection

When we took these answers into account, it was revealed that the average Briton has '447' images in a typical holiday photo collection from one trip abroad. That's a lot of memories! When we asked how many of their holiday photos made the cut onto their social media pages, if any did and they had social media, the average answer was 216 images; meaning that less than half (48%) of holiday photos that get taken actually make it onto social media.

When we asked if they ever printed any of their holiday photos, for physical albums or to put in frames and such like, 76% of people said 'no, they stay in digital format forever'. That's such a shame.

After each holiday, we recommend printing all of your favourite photos and putting them in a physical album to look back through in years to come. If you don't backup your digital files, you could end up losing your holiday memories forever!
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