Luggage - The Lowdown

Posted by Chris Clarkson, 16th Aug 2012

If you've ever been on a holiday abroad, which I'm sure almost all of you have, you're probably familiar with the various techniques involved in trying to zip up an overflowing suitcase.

These include the sit and squash technique, the sneakily move items into your friend or family member's case technique and the more brutal "ditch and hope you won't need it" technique. All effective methods of closing the case, but then that doesn't always solve the weight issue once you reach the check-in desk and get disapproving looks from the airline staff.

Here at, we wanted to look more at what is in people's holiday suitcases. What's making them so heavy and, more importantly, how much are the entire contents worth?

Whilst many would be led to believe it's your suitcase contents that hold the most value, we've found otherwise. People stash a lot of their valuables in their hand luggage, to be kept with them at all times and this drastically bumps up how much your small holdall or pull along case can be worth. We've put together the infographic below, to show a breakdown of the contents in both suitcases of men and women and hand luggage. Take a peak...

Here's the obligatory code if you fancy using our infographic on your website -

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To be perfectly honest, we'd be surprised if you wanted to, but our PR company 10 Yetis seem convinced. As infographics go it's pretty dull, even though we've been back and forward with it for over 4 weeks, it's still pretty dull.

Hey-ho, we're paying for it anyway, so we might as well use it and see what happens.
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