How Regular Holidays Can Boost Your Career Potential

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Jan 2014

Our latest research has revealed a possible link between regular holidays abroad and promotions in the workplace. We spoke to 1,974 adults around the UK, each of whom was in full time employment and had been with the same company for three years or more.

We wanted to know if it could be said that going away regularly for a break could help people progress up the career ladder at a faster rate, so we investigated further.

Work promotions more likely for those who holiday annually

When we asked people, 'Have you been on holiday abroad at least once per year in the last three years?' 57% of those taking part said yes. All respondents taking part were then asked about their experience of being promoted at their place of work.

We found out that 41% of the people taking part had been promoted at work in the last three years (well done them), 83% of whom admitted that they had been on holiday abroad at least once every year in the last three years. To us, this suggests that those who take regular breaks oversees are more likely to work their way up the career ladder within their place of employment.

That seems like an excellent excuse for a holiday, we must say! We asked everyone taking part if they felt there was a link between the frequency of holidays oversees and work progress, to which the majority (62%) said that they felt de-stressing on holiday enabled them to be more productive at work once they had returned; potentially leading to a higher likelihood of promotion.

Those who holiday regularly have less work-related stress

When those who holidayed abroad at least once every year were asked to rate their level of work stress on a scale of 1 to 10 (with one being not stressed at all and 10 being incredibly stressed) the average answer stated by respondents was 3.2. However, when the respondents who didn't go on holiday overseas annually were asked the same question, the average score stated was 8.5.

So, holidays make people less stressed at work too. Another fantastic excuse to book a break ASAP! We think it's really important to take time out from your job for a week or two each year, to avoid burnout. However, never be tempted to take your work phone on holiday with you, or access emails whilst away, as you'll return feeling as though your holiday was all just a fuzzy dream.
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