Holidaymakers Suffer 'FOMO' from Work Whilst Away

Posted by Sue Anderson, 13th Mar 2012

Our latest poll has revealed a growing trend of the 'Fear of Missing Out' phenomenon amongst holiday makers when it comes to leaving work for a break abroad. It turns out that many of you worry about what you might be missing, work-wise, or socially with colleagues, whilst you're away!

Despite the fact that many people long for their holidays, the phenomenon of the 'Fear of Missing Out' may now be affecting holidaymakers. However, instead of fearing that they may be missing out on events at home or with their friends, it would appear that FOMO on work events and gossip with colleagues has taken priority.

We carried out the poll looking into 'FOMO' as part of research into the habits and attitudes of Britons when it comes to holidays abroad. We polled 1,652 adults, each of whom was in full time employment, and asked them questions surrounding their last holiday abroad.

77% of respondents admitted they didn't suffer from 'FOMO' when it came to missing friends and family

We initially asked respondents, 'On your last holiday, did you suffer from 'fear of missing out' when it came to potentially missing out on outings, gossip or similar with friends and family?' the majority 77% said 'no'. They were then asked the same questions, but in relation to missing out on outings, gossip or similar with work colleagues, to which the results told a very different story!

Three quarters of Brits admitted to suffering from 'FOMO' on work when it came to holidays

Three quarters, 74%, said they suffered 'FOMO' when it came to potentially missing out on things like office gossip, social outings with work colleagues and other office politics; whilst 81% of the total respondents said they suffered 'FOMO' on 'important work' when away on holiday.

A third admitted to doing some work whilst on holiday

We asked those that admitted to suffering from 'FOMO' on work goings-on if they did anything on holiday to ease their anxieties. 32% admitted doing some work whilst on holiday, whilst 24% claimed to have 'contacted the office' to check up on things. 18% said that they had kept in touch with colleagues on social media and 3% had asked colleagues not to arrange work nights whilst they were away on holiday.

'FOMO' appears to be a relatively common phenomenon and it's not difficult to see why it's common amongst holidaymakers. It's easy to get anxious about what's going on back home when you're away, especially when you think about what you could be missing out on!

It's important to try and relax as much as possible whilst you're on holiday; after all, that's what they're for!
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