Holidaying - Eurovision Style!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 31st May 2013

Hands up, how many of you watched this year's Eurovision Song Contest final? We're betting a fair few of you did. As the acts give some insight into our neighbouring countries, we wanted to find out how the television show had made potential holidaymakers for those destinations react.

We looked into our site data on the night that the Eurovision song contest aired and monitored it over a 24 hour period until the following evening. What we were looking out for, was whether or not the Eurovision Song Contest had prompted an increase in interest for holidays to the countries that were taking part.

When David Attenborough's Africa was aired on the BBC, we saw loads of people flocking to our site to research African holidays, so we thought that there might have been a similar pattern with this.

Almost 2,000 holiday searches relating to Eurovision in 24 hours

We noticed that, in the 24 hours from when the Eurovision 2013 final began, there were just over 1,800 searches made by site visitors for the term 'Eurovision destinations', 'Eurovision countries' or related terms, so it clearly wasn't a coincidence that the programme caused a spike in searches for certain places.

Here at, we don't offer holidays to every single one of the countries that competed in the Eurovision Song Contest, but that doesn't stop people from having a little look. The 2013 Contest, which was held in Sweden, seemed to encourage people to look into their holiday options.

Eurovision prompted 219% rise in searches for holidays to Denmark

In the 24 hours following the time that this year's Eurovision Song Contest began, the following destinations seemed to receive an increase in interest from visitors:

1. Denmark - 219% (increase in searches when compared to the same 24 hour window the previous weekend)

2. Norway - 177%

3. Greece - 156%

4. Spain - 149%

5. Italy - 113%

6. Germany - 96%

7. Malta - 88%

8. Belgium - 83%

9. France - 75%

10. Ukraine - 62%

So, who fancies a Eurovision-inspired trip abroad? We'd highly recommend Greece, Italy and - of course - a firm family favourite, Spain. You can check out some of our latest deals and, who knows, you could be going on a Eurovision holiday of your own!
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