Are You An Annoying Holidaymaker?

Posted by Rebecca Gill, 4th Feb 2014

We've all been there; you step out of your hotel room and make your way down to the pool area, towel under arm and flip flops flapping in the sea breeze. Then, you desperately search for a vacant sun lounger, only to be met with a mass of towels reserving the beds and not a spare one in sight. Fabulous! Are you guilty of this habit on holiday? Is it something that annoys you?

We polled a total of 1,376 people aged 18 and over from around the UK and asked them about their holiday behaviour. Everyone taking part had been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months.

Majority of holidaymakers admit to habits they find irritating themselves

We asked everyone taking part if they had ever berated other holidaymakers for traits or habits that they were actually guilty of themselves and 76% admitted that they had. A tad hypocritical, we think!

When asked to name the habits that they deemed to be most annoying when it came to other holidaymakers, but that they themselves were guilty of too, the top results were as follows:

1. Getting up early to reserve sunbeds - 74%

2. Only going to English themed bars/restaurants - 51%

3. Leaving sunbeds reserved during the day - 46%

4. People who are ignorant to the foreign culture - 37%

5. Close proximity/insensitive smokers - 29%

6. Not keeping children under control - 28%

7. Not being sun-safe/getting sunburnt - 22%

8. Being drunk and noisy - 17%

9. Being loud in hotel room/accommodation - 14%

10. Topless sunbathing - 12%

A quarter of holidaymakers complain about fellow tourists abroad

26% of the holidaymakers taking part in the poll admitted that they had previously complained about other tourists whilst on holiday abroad and 19% claimed that they had previously become involved in an argument with one or more fellow holidaymakers.

Of those who had previously had an argument with other holidaymakers whilst abroad, the majority (78%) said it had been with fellow British tourists.

If you think you might be behaving in a way that's getting on other holidaymakers' nerves, perhaps think again and try to avoid any rows! No one needs that on holiday.
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