Random acts of kindness

Random acts of Kindness

Be kind. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Whether it’s offering to cook tea for a friend or simply smiling at a stranger on the train, a small, thoughtful gesture can have a massive impact on someone's happiness – it can even have a positive effect on our own wellbeing, too. Yet every day we let opportunities to help people pass us by.

In light of this, we’re actively choosing to be kind in 2019. Help us spread some Sunshine, and together we'll fill the year with compassion and care. Read on for tips and inspiration on how to kickstart your random acts of kindness.

Random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Holidays are for getting some sunshine, but you can spread it too by being kind to others! Here are some random acts of kindness you can do whilst you’re away...

Whip out the sun cream if someone’s looking a little lobster-ish

We all want to return from our getaways with a show-stopping glow, but sun safety comes first! If you see someone looking a little on the pink side, whether it be your friend, annoying little brother or even a stranger, chuck them the sun cream to save them from any future 'ouch' moments.

When the sea steals someone's swimsuit, help them out

It happens to the best of us. Jumping over big waves is super fun, but can sometimes result in our trusty swimwear betraying us. If you’re in the sea and see someone a little red-faced, searching desperately in the water, have a look round to help them find it whilst they try to keep covered.

Leave TripAdvisor reviews for hotels and restaurants you loved

When planning a holiday, the one thing we all do is check the TripAdvisor scores. So, whether you visit an amazing restaurant, your hotel is wonderful or there’s one kind member of staff in particular you’d love to give a shout out to, make sure to leave a review on TripAdvisor. This will give them the praise they deserve and let everyone else know how great they are!

Learn the basics of the local language

We’re not all multi-lingual geniuses, so chances are that you’ll be going on holiday somewhere where you're not fluent in the local language. But, that doesn't mean you can’t learn the basics! Do a quick google translate of 'hello', 'goodbye', please and 'thank you' and try to memorise them. The locals will appreciate your effort of learning their lingo, even if the pronunciation isn’t spot on!

Leave a treat for the cleaners to say thank you

What would we do without them, hey? They wash our clammy bed sheets and sweep the sand away, a holiday without them just wouldn't be the same! So leave a little treat for them to say thank you at the end of your stay, it’s nice to show them how much they’re appreciated.

Spread the word about cool local attractions

If your excursion was amazing or you've found your new favourite bar around the corner, make sure to tell the others at your hotel. Spreading the word about nearby gems is not only good for local business, but is a helping hand to those holidaymakers who don't know the area too well.

Get in the bottles of water

Staying hydrated in the heat is a necessity and can keep you feeling fresh through the day. So, make sure to stock up on cold water to keep everyone bright-eyed and healthy throughout the holiday. Plus, it's an absolute life-saver for those who went a little too hard on the all-inclusive drinks the night before...

Random acts of kindness competition

Be kind and win!

Our customers are kind, and so we want to pay it forward. What better way to spread some Sunshine than to give away a holiday? To enter this competition, nominate someone who has done a random act of kindness for you. It could be something small like lending you a phone charger, or something bigger like giving you a lift home in the rain – kindness of all kinds counts. Let us know what they did to help you, and you and your chosen ray of sunshine will be entered into a prize draw to win a 7 night stay at the Blue Sea Club Marthas, Majorca.

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Kindness is everywhere

We took our campaign for kindness to the streets of Manchester and - although this city isn't exactly known for its sunny weather - the people we spoke to were all about spreading the Sunshine. From the kindest person they know, to tips for random acts of kindness you can do on holiday, here’s what the lovely members of the public had to say about being kind...

We are spreading the sunshine all over our social channels through February.

Check out the rest of our videos and help us spread the sunshine here

What to do with your leftover currency

What to do with your leftover currency

Ever wondered what to do with all that leftover currency you amass at the end of your holiday? Here are 10 random acts of kindness you can do to use the remainder of your holiday money...

  1. Give it to charity – You're probably wondering which charity will accept your leftover currency? The UNICEF change for good programme allows you to donate any leftover currency during your flight with a participating airline. If you’re not travelling with a participating airline, the Alzheimer's Society has a range of collection points across the UK for you to take your money to.

  2. Tip someone at the airport – Why not tip the person who serves you at the airport shop, café or restaurant before you catch your flight? The person serving you will be very grateful for the thoughtful gesture.

  3. Buy food and donate it to a local food bank or homeless people – No matter how big or small your leftover currency is, it will certainly help someone. On your last day, head to a local supermarket and buy as much food as you can and hand it to whoever needs it.

  4. Buy bottles of cold water and give them out – Just the simplest of things can make someone smile, like buying bottles of water and handing them out to your friends and family on vacation with you.

  5. Pass it onto a friend – If you know a friend or family member who is soon to be heading off on holiday somewhere which uses the same currency as you’ve got leftover, they're sure to be grateful if you pass your leftover currency over to them for them to use on their trip.

  6. Buy a fellow traveller a drink on the plane – Food and drink on a plane can be expensive and this is a perfect opportunity to use your leftover currency. Why not buy a fellow traveller a drink during the journey? It’s a great way to make someone's day.

  7. Spend it on treats and take them into work – Best colleague ever! Buy some treats to take into work and share with your colleagues. They’re bound to be excited to try out the food you’ve brought back.

  8. Buy a local item to share the travel experience with friends and family back home – You could buy a local item, like Turkish Delight from Turkey or Baklava from Greece to take home and share a taste of the travel experience you've been on, along with a couple of tales too.

  9. Start a currency collection as a memoir of each destination visited – Keep all your leftover currency and be creative by making a memoir of each destination you’ve been to for either yourself to look back on or as a gift for someone.

  10. Treat yourself or a friend to a Euro accepting store back in the UK – Believe it or not, there are actually places here in the UK where you can spend Euros! Some big retailers like Selfridges will accept your Euros so the spending doesn't stop once you’re back in the land of pounds.

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