Holidays to Cuba

Holidays to Cuba

Cuba is a country unlike any other. Lined with 1950s-era cars, sugar-white beaches and vibrant pastel houses, a trip to Cuba is sure to delight and surprise you as you soak up the sun on this Caribbean island.
Situated south of Florida and The Bahamas, Cuba now welcomes over 2 million tourists each year from around the world, and it takes only a moment in the island’s electric atmosphere to see why.

Why holiday in Cuba?

Holidays to Cuba offer a range of incredible sights, sounds and experiences unlike any other, more than justifying the 12+ hour journey from the UK. Beneath the seemingly shabby exterior of the island’s local towns and villages, lies a rich, endearing culture that is truly captivating.
If you love great nightlife, idyllic weather, picturesque scenery and a few surprises here and there, you’re sure to fall in love with Cuba; from the potent atmosphere of Havana to the turquoise waters of Varadero, there is so much to love and see on this Carribean island.

Beach Holidays to Cuba

It’s no surprise that an incredibly picturesque island such as Cuba has a selection of stunning bays and beaches that visitors can enjoy to the fullest during their visit. Here at, we have a range of truly unbelievable beach holidays to Cuba on offer, including fantastic deals on flight & hotel packages.
For white sandy beaches and crystal clear bays surrounded by tropical palm trees, our holidays to Playa Pesquero are perfect. The calm atmosphere and beautiful surroundings here make it perfect for a relaxing beach holiday, with a range of water sports also on offer. For those looking for a more lively trip to Cuba, our holidays to Havana and Santiago de Cuba offer a closer look at Cuba’s curious colonial buildings, charming 1950’s era cars and plenty of energetic venues to frequent after the sun sets!

Food and drink in Cuba

Cuban cuisine offers a delicious mix of Spanish and Afro-Caribbean influenced food. With limited availability of fresh fruit and vegetables during the hotter months of the year, dishes in Cuba frequently feature a mix of rice, beans, chicken, beef and pork.
It may come as a surprise that while Cuba is an island, seafood dishes don’t typically get top billing on most local menus. While traditional Cuban dishes such as ‘Congris’ (a tasty mix of black beans and rice) offer a taste of local homemade food, there are also a few interesting twists on American classics, such as the ‘Frita’ - a Cuban-style beef burger, ground and mixed with chorizo.

Useful info for visiting Cuba

Visitors to Cuba are advised to take their required spends for the holiday in cash; ATMs are scarce around the island and often don’t accept foreign bank cards. On the subject of money, Cuba has two currencies in circulation: the Cuban Convertible Peso or "Cuban Dollar" (CUC), and the Cuban National Peso (CUC). The "Cuban Dollar" (CUC) is aligned with the US Dollar and should be used by tourists as their go-to currency.
It’s likely that you’ll see dual pricing in many stores and restaurants for each of these Cuban currencies. For those who wish to tip servers, a tipping rate of 10% is commonplace in Cuba.
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