Will You Be Taking a Grancation This Year?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 2nd Apr 2014

A family holiday is meant to be an escape from the everyday grind, but when you've got the kids in tow and you have to keep them entertained for the whole trip, it can most definitely be a challenge.

It can be hard for parents to have some alone time together on a holiday with their children, but it seems as though some people are coming up with more inventive ways to make sure they get a holiday of their own too.

We polled 2,139 British parents with children aged 15 and under, all of whom had a family holiday planned for later this year.

Grandparents invited along on holidays to babysit

When we asked 'Will your family holiday later this year just include you - the parent(s) - and your children?' 61% said 'no'. We wanted to know who else would be going along with them and, when we asked, the top answers stated were as follows:

1. Children's grandparents - 53%

2. Adult friends - 27%

3. Other relatives (aunts, cousins) - 24%

4. Children's friends - 11%

5. Other - 4%

All of the parents who told us that their children's grandparents would be attending their family holiday this year were asked why this was the case. 21% said it was simply tradition and something they always did when it came to their family holidays, but 67% told us it was so that their parents could keep on eye on their children to give them a bit of a break or time alone.

Two fifths of grandparents taken on family holidays go reluctantly

When we asked if their own parents were willingly coming along on the family holiday, or if they'd put up some resistance to the idea, 42% admitted that their children's grandparents weren't all that keen on the idea. Who can blame them if they're being signed up to babysitting?

There are plenty of holiday resorts that offer fantastic children's entertainment, so bear that in mind when booking and you'll manage to get some time to relax away from parenthood during your break... if only for a little while!
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