Valentine's Day Escapes - Where Did Couples Head This Year?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Feb 2016

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. Booking a trip for the two of you, whether as a surprise or not, can really provide something to look forward to.

Some couples opt for short breaks somewhere close to home, but others might be more extravagant in their romantic getaway plans. We polled 2,378 people aged 18 and over from around the UK to find out where they'd be heading this Valentine's Day. All of the people taking part in our survey were in a relationship and had booked a trip with their partner that they'd be going on over the Valentine's weekend.

Iceland, Italy and Germany Most Popular Valentine's Destinations

Initially, we asked all the people taking part if they'd be going abroad or staying in the UK for their Valentine's break, to which 55% told us that they would be going abroad and 45% said that they would be staying in the UK. Next, everyone who was set to go abroad for Valentine's Day with their other half was asked what country they would be visiting, which revealed the following top 10 answers:

1. Iceland - 12%

2. Italy - 9%

3. Germany - 8%

4. The Netherlands - 8%

5. Spain - 7%

6. USA - 6%

7. Belgium - 4%

8. Mexico - 4%

9. Norway - 3%

10. Morocco - 2%

When we conducted the same research last year, Italy was the most popular destination for Valentine's breaks, with 14% choosing the country to spend time in with their loved one. This was followed by France (12%) and Spain (9%). France does not appear in this year's top 10, despite Paris normally being a favourite for loved up couples.

Average Cost of Valentine's Getaway is £428

Of the respondents who were staying within the UK for their Valentine's trip, the most popular destinations for breaks with their partner were revealed to be London (14%), Yorkshire (13%) and the South West (8%).

Our survey found that 66% of Valentine's getaways for 2016 were booked as a surprise by one person in the relationship, whilst the average spend for a romantic trip of this sort was revealed to be £428.00 (including spending money). The average length of a Valentine's trip was revealed to be three nights.

Italy has long been the most popular destination for Valentine's breaks, with locations like Venice and Rome known for their romantic atmosphere, but Iceland has taken the lead this year. The phenomenon of the Northern Lights is fast becoming one that everyone wants to witness for themselves and Iceland is the perfect place to try and catch a glimpse from. People are clearly becoming a bit more adventurous in their travel plans!

So, did you head anywhere with your amour this Valentine's weekend?
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